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Monday, August 18, 2008


For anyone that came to the first FMLY house show, I am sure you have been waiting for this post. At the first show Peter and the Wolf played at the FMLY house and with Red came his friend Ethan. With folksy upbeat guitar sprinkled with orgasmic hooks and melodic lyrics that are so true and honest that they might make you blush, Ethan is definitely someone to keep your eye out for.

Eight Note Run - Ethan Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele
If You're Acting Like a Baby (How Can You Expect To Be Her Man) - Ethan Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele

Somewhere between Health and Panther lies Ethan's other band Reverse X Rays. This is music that few can dream of and fewer still can pull off. RXR are one of the most creative guitar based bands I have ever come across. They are a fast paced laid back jam that sends you on a journey.

Buffalo Machine - Reverse X Rays

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