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Friday, August 1, 2008


Alright, I'm just going to come out and say thank you to Chris from Gorilla vs Bear for hooking it up this week. I've just gotta spread the word.

I still haven't seen The Wackness, but here's the official movie soundtrack mixtape arranged by the very talented D-Nice. For everyone who grew up on east coast 90's hip-hop like Nas, Tribe, KRS-One - which I know many of you have, myself included - download this immediately.

D-Nice - The Wackness Official Movie Soundtrack Mixtape

After the major let down of El Guincho's tour cancellation, I didn't think that I could ever find a way to forgive him. Fortunately, the time came quickly as Barcelona-based label Discos Compulsivos/LUV LUV has decided on releasing El Guincho's very rare and completely sold out Folias. The best news is, IT'S FREE.

El Guincho - Folias

To top off this post, Animal Collective fans (and Pitchfork) unleashed a barrage of Youtube videos following the groups performance Saturday night at the P4k Music Festival in Chicago. A new song, "Lion In A Coma," was performed, but it's still no "Brother Sport." What I have for you is the audio from their entire set, download if you wish.

Animal Collective - Pitchfork Music Fest Set (7/19/08)

[AC - Lion In A Coma]

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