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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Local Music Week In A Nutshell

To all who attended Beatjams yesterday I hope that you had a great time. Unfortunately I missed The Histories, which I'm still incredibly bummed about, but I came just at the end of Pilgrim's set and got to hear the song I had been waiting all my life for, "Penis Up." If you were at Djavan's palace a few nights ago when Hank May serenaded a small group then you know what I'm talking about. After Pilgrim, Anamanaguchi showed off their sweet new visuals and played a fun-filled set as always - my only complaint was that the NES was almost inaudible. Then Nephews played an unforgettable set of crowd favorites that definitely got me sweatin' followed by the perfect way to end a party, Rock Dove. The success of Beatjams could not have been more welcomed for now the floodgates of the week have been opened.

Don't forget...



THE FMLY EXTRAVAGANZA! Don't worry, we have a flyer, except it's blown up to the size of a door and we can't exactly scan that kinda thing.


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