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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hank and Mike

In the vein of films like Bad Santa, Chris Klein (American Pie), Joe Mantegna (Redbelt, “The Simpsons,” “Criminal Minds”) and co-writers Thomas Michael and Paolo Mancini, star in this satirical film about two blue-collar Easter Bunnies whose careers are compromised when the multi-national corporation, in charge of all things holiday, decides to make some serious cutbacks. Thrown into the working world, the mismatched pair, Hank - a hard drinking ladies man - and Mike - his sheepishly insecure accomplice - quickly fall from grace. As they hunt for new jobs, the duo finds themselves in a variety of odd situations involving self-help groups, strippers and preschool teachers. Fighting depression, debt and eventually each other, these two longtime pals set out on a mission to recapture their jobs, get the girl and settle the score.

This Thursday there will be a special screening of Hank and Mike at the Nuart in LA. There are two showtimes; One at 7:30 and one at 9:50. In honor of this special screening, I have some tickets to give you! So go ahead and email me at if you want to go.


Groove Tunes

What songs make you feel good? The sun is shining, the city is moving and I'm chillin' in my room, so I ask again, what songs make you feel good? Here are a couple of jams I've had on repeat today.

Department of Eagles is the collaboration of Daniel Rossen (Grizzly Bear) and his NYU roommate Fred Nicolaus (who produced The Killers' Hot Fuss). An active duo since 2000, Rossen didn't join Grizzly Bear until '04 when Nicolaus was tied up with work. Over the years Nicolaus and Rossen would email each other song ideas, snippits and continue to make music - much of which Rossen felt was too personal for Grizzly Bear. This brings us to the long awaited In Ear Park which released quite recently and has quickly become a contender for my favorite album of the year. I can not recommend this album enough, neither can I praise Tobacco's Fucked Up Friends enough. The albums speak for themselves.
Department of Eagles - Classical Records

Just three years ago TV On The Radio played Coachella, not to mention the most incredible rendition of "Ambulance" I could ever imagine, to a nearly empty Mojave tent - all eyes were on Imogen Heap. Now just a blink of an eye later what was once a grossly under-appreciated band from Brooklyn has become our nation's independent royalty. Still sticking to NY grassroots I have only grown respect for TVOTR as time as passed and with their release of Dear Science it is safe to say that nothing has changed...except the music...for the better.
TV On The Radio - FMLY Tree

Both of these albums are a must own, please do not hesitate on picking these up for your collection.

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Monday, September 29, 2008


Bill Maher has been causing trouble again with Religulous set to open on Friday. In this documentary, Bill Maher tries to prove millions of people wrong once and for all that everyone is wrong.


Tobacco Rapco

Our friends at The Hood Internet have done it again with another great mix using Black Moth Super Rainbow's Tobacco and Aesop Rock. This is some trippy electro-rap. Tobacco's debut solo album is coming out in two weeks on Anticon.

1. Little Pink Getaway Car (feat. Cage, Breeze Brewin)
2. Hairy Candy at 11:35 (feat. Mr. Lif)
3. Coffee Hawker (feat. John Darnielle)
4. Dirt RMX (feat. Zaid Maxwell)
5. Lime Eaters (feat. Camp Lo)
6. Dark Pink Goo (feat. Rob Sonic)
7. We're Backwoods Famous (feat. El-P)

Download it here.


Vibe With It, Man

In just 8 hours Canada's 2008 Polaris Music Prize winner will be announced, however, this year seems to be a mixture of relatively unknown artists in comparison to last year's nominated Arcade Fire and Feist (who lost to Patrick Watson). Of course there is Stars, but personally speaking I don't believe that In Our Bedroom After the War is stronger than Set Yourself On Fire which is enough to keep the gold out of their hands. My vote is running for Holy Fuck, but with their Canadian Council of the Arts trouble recently would they be too risky of a pick? Going past my picks of either Black Mountain, Caribou and Holy Fuck I'd like to introduce the only hip-hop artist nominee and only second in the short history of the Polaris, the first being Cadence Weapon, Shadrach Kabango aka Shad. Bringing back the memories of how hip-hop was creatively done back in the day he's certainly one to check out. Here's his video for "The Old Prince Still Lives At Home," one that I highly recommend you watch, especially around the 2:25 mark when Shad goes minimalist.

Shad - The Old Prince Still Lives At Home

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I know Noah has already posted about Megapuss this week but I just got Surfin', Megapuss's debut album, and it is more than I could have ever hoped for. Surfin' is a melody of laid back instrumentals with very different lyrics all strung together with a very silly messages. Some of the songs such as "A Gun On His Hip and a Rose On His Chest" get quite to the point with lyrics like "fuck the president in the asshole".

Go here to buy Megapuss' debut album on iTunes right here: iTunes Music Store

A Gun On His Hip and a Rose On His Chest - Megapuss


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Team Genius - Debut Album & Free MP3

Team Genius' debut album drops October 7 and I'm pretty excited to hear it in its cleverly composed entirety. “Basically it’s a reaction to the modern way music is consumed and listened to,” says frontman Drew Hermiller of the disc. “The idea of an album with a focused sound and a complete statement kind of gets lost now-a-days. Everyone shuffles around, so I thought ‘why not write an album that does the same thing?’ Luckily, the band did an awesome job of keeping up with it.” Check out their first single "Take Me Home" below. Brooklyn knows what's up.

Team Genius - Take Me Home



Come on down to the Echo tonight to witness an amazing night of music for only $5. Check it out right here.


Friday, September 26, 2008

XLR8R and Scion Present...



All Our Friends Are In Bands

It's been a long time coming, shitting, drinking and fucking (cue the boo's), but Brooklyn's Ninjasonik has finally come through and will deliver their outstanding full-length, All Our Friends Are In Bands, tomorrow with all of the live debauchery to match. Playing in a round robin fashion - WAIT, what's round robin!?

Baltimore's Round Robin tour describes a round robin show as:

-All the bands set up at the same time along the perimeter of the room with the audience in the center

-Each band does one song per round, no breaks, back to back to back etc., until the show is completed

-There is no headliner or opener, no front row or back of the room

Alright, glad we got that settled. As I was saying, tomorrow night Ninjasonik will be joined by the likes of Japanther, shakessayhiss, Lionshare and a super secret special guest which can mean anyone from an intern at Chief Mag to Naeem Juwan in the flesh - you'll just have to be there to find out. Doors open at 6pm, get there on time and don't forget your party hat, drink cash and some heavy shoes because feet will be stomped! If you're new to the blog, make sure to check out an IHEARTCOMIX x FMLY interview with JaJa and Kev of Ninjasonik.

Ninjasonik - Tight Pants

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

PortHart Break Up

Unfortunately the road has ended for Devendra Banhart and Natalie Portman. It was announced today in US Weekly (unreliable source) that "Things just weren't working out." I was pretty into the couple, especially since I got to see NP at the Megapuss show at the Hammer over summer. Megapuss is on a mini-tour in promotion of their album Surfer via Neil Young's label, Vapor Records. Check out DB's crotch shot here along with bandmate slash Priestbird drummer and music extraordinaire Greg Rogove.

[rogove left, banhart right]

Best Friends Forever - How BFF Breaks It Off With Movie Stars (highly rec'd)

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Thursday Night, Feeling RIght (LA)

Where I'll be:
Ra Ra Riot with Tussle, Walter Meego and Lemonade at The Echo

Megapuss with The Entrance Band and Little Joy at Troubadour
Mission of Burma with Hank IV at Echoplex

Nico Vega and Crash Kings at Vangaurd
Atmosphere with Ab Rude, Blueprint and Rare Groove at The Wiltern
Juno Reactor at El Rey
The Hives and Eagles of Death Metal and the Willowz at Mayan Theatre

Club Nokia Grand Opening

On November 10th Club Nokia will be having it's grand opening in downtown LA. Club Nokia is the latest venue edition to L.A. Live which includes the Staples Center and the Nokia Theater. I don't know if you have been to the Nokia Theater. I have heard mixed things about it but when I saw Bjork and Ratatat there last year and was right near the front, the sound was absolutely dreadful. I actually ended up walking out. Hopefully they have done a better job with Club Nokia. The 2,300 capacity venue certainly has some interesting shows lined up with Beck set to play opening night and a ton of other artists including Lupe Fiasco, Taking Back Sunday, The B-52's, Usher and Nas. You can see all the show listings here.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


This Saturday Rumspringa will be joined by Voxhaul Broadcast, Funeral Party and The Franks for a night full of Shoegaze, Psychedelic, Electro and Punk all injected with a healthy dose of Soul. Come see what LA really has to offer. Whoever said the LA music scene is dead can s my d. We are about to show you how wrong you are. This is a show not to miss so get on your dancing shoes on, bring $8 and we'll see you at The Echo.

Check out the neat Facebook event!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Oh no, FMLY's Cameron Rath has been McCain'd!!!!!! Fuck. Quick, someone call OBAMA BONO?

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Let me drop some music on you that I've been feeling this past month.

Grouper is the sole project of Portland's Liz Harris. It's a gift when you can take a sound and make it your own the way that Harris has developed her own unique brand of shoegaze - think Beach House or a non-vegan and less minimal Pocahaunted. You can pick up a copy of her third and latest album, Dragging a Dead Deer Up A Hill, here.
Grouper - Fishing Bird (Empty Jutted In The Evening Breeze)

Grails came at me from left field recently, having never heard this Portland instrumental group should be a crime! Arranging arena rock anthems with a slew of interesting concepts and instruments, Grails is the next band to tell your friends about. Throw them on a tour with Holy Fuck and you've got yourself a match made in heaven.
Grails - Reincarnation Blues

I've been dipping into Yoni Wolf's Why? tunes pre-anticon and am amazed in the difference of instrumentation and overall tone which his albums have come to represent. This is not a great example of Why? music at all, which is precisely why I'm posting it. If you want to listen to Yoni go off on some Octopus Project or Explosions-like jam, by all means download this track. Add Yoni on MySpace here.
Why? - The Swingsets Dead

If you take a look into the mass archive of Animal Collective b-sides and rarities you'll find some pretty trippy tunes, yeah, even trippy by AC standards. Here's one that the whole family can have a good time with.
Animal Collective - Must Be a Treeman


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Monday, September 22, 2008

Castledoor Dumps New Video

Castledoor "Dumpster Diving" from Castledoor on Vimeo.


The New Master

My favorite Hawaiian Ukulele player, Ethan Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele, has put up a new song up on his myspace which also happens to be my favorite. For those who were at the first FMLY backyard show, you know this one. He also brings in a church organ!


Dear Science, Due Tomorrow

Big day tomorrow, Dear Science [wiki] from TV On The Radio sees its release nationwide. You can read a track by track analysis from DrownedBySound right here and for the record the album has received a 9.2 from Pitchfork...that's on some No Age shit right there.

TV On The Radio - Golden Age

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Early Why?

So you've downloaded every Why? album, including Yoni's self-releases and earlier collaborative projects, but you still don't feel like you've had quite enough? Luckily, Yoni is no stranger to house shows and I've found a tape that documents the transition of Why? Murder (the man) into Why? (the band). This was recorded on Yoni's Oaklandazulasylum tour and was briefly sold as a tour only cd - follow the link below to download.

Why? - Almost Live From Anna's Cabin [via]

01. Broken Crow
02. Ferris Wheel
03. Cold Lunch
04. Maze
05. Ha X4
06. On My 19th..
07. Our Neighbor's Daughter
08. Lady Fingerz
09. The Teeth Behind Kisses
10. Afterschool America
11. A Little Titanic
12. Seventeen
13. Darla
14. Me and the Pea Coat
15. Ape In Cage...
16. Early Whitney
17. Bad Entropy


A Letter From Noah Georgeson


To the juggl​ing act of my music​al situa​tion,​ i have added​ two objec​ts.​ Maybe​ one'​s a mache​te,​ the other​ a chain​saw.​ who knows​.​

What I'm sayin​g here is that I'm playi​ng with/​in two whole​ bands​ on a littl​e upcom​ing tour of the west coast​:​

a) I'm playi​ng a minia​ture fretl​ess silic​one strin​g bass in Megap​uss (aka Deven​dra and Greg Rogov​e)​.​ At least​ I think​ I am. Megap​uss leave​s a lot up to chanc​e.​

b) I went and joine​d a band calle​d Littl​e Joy. Its Rodri​go Amara​nte,​ Fabri​zio Moret​ti,​ Binki​ Shapi​ro (of burba​nk)​,​ and now, it seems​,​ mysel​f.​ Littl​e Joy leave​s very littl​e up to chanc​e.​

We just finis​hed a recor​d,​ (​Littl​e Joy and I, that is) which​ will be dropp​ing (​softl​y)​ into store​s on Novem​ber 4th court​esy of Rough​ Trade​ Recor​ds.​

Megap​uss has a recor​d that just came out too.

Furth​er infor​matio​n -


Yours​,​ Noah

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As you know...

Travis Barker and DJ AM suffered second- and third-degree burns in Friday night's jet crash, but both are expected to make a full recovery, doctors at the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, announced in a press conference Sunday morning (September 21). [via]

It goes without saying that this jet crash is one of the most horrific and surprising events to happen this summer. FMLY would like to encourage everyone who has felt affected by the crash to visit the hospital's website,, click on "visitors" and then "email a patient." Travis Barker and DJ AM, our positive energy is directed straight to you and your friends who were lost in the crash. See you onstage. Travis Barker, you're the John Bonham to my Led Zeppelin or the Ringo to my Beatles. I just can't put into words how appreciative I am that you're alright, how sorry I am for your multiple losses and how curious I am to see how this affects both you and Adam.

Statements from Fall Out Boy, Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan can be found here.

DJ AM and TRV$ Rehearsing

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Ninjasonik Tonight

Supp NY!? I'm proud to say that our dear friends Ninjasonik are playing at Lit tonight for just $6! Unfortunately this is during the same time frame as Mt. Eerie and collaborator Julie Doiron playing in Greenpoint. Make the right choice or die. Don't forget to check out Ninjasonik's relatively new track, "Art School Girls," available on the MySpace.


Why, Mt. Eerie, Why?

"If anyone can deliver a 'deez nuts' joke using the words Bowery or Delancey I will give you my drink ticket."
-Yoni Wolf

Last night I caught, in my opinion, one of the best shows of the year. Mt. Eerie and Why? played to a sold out Bowery Ballroom in New York's Lower East Side with a mob of ticketless fans outside plotting methods to make their way into the show. At 9pm sharp a crowd of hundreds welcomed Phil Elverum onstage with a combination of cheers, song requests, but a surprising amount of disinterested yawns. Playing mostly new material, I found it unsettling that with the amount of Microphones fans in the audience there were still many who were relentless in boo'ing and heckling Elverum offstage. After a twenty minute break, Austin, Josiah, Yoni and Doug made their way to their instruments and began "Waterfalls," the crowd went fucking nuts. The Bowery became a sing-a-long ballroom to the strictly Elephant Eyelash and Alopecia set, one song after another Why? continued to impress, grow and interact fully with the audience; this was the first show since Paul Baribeau that I wish I could relive each day. With as much applause as there was music, Why? came out for a booming encore of "Simeon's Dilemma" and "Gemini" that completely tore the historical venue apart making it difficult to hear Yoni over the hundreds of singing fans. Ending result: a smile touching the chin from ear to ear and an unforgettable night at the Bowery.

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The Weekend is Here!

Cold War Kids new video for "Something is Not Right With Me"

Cold War Kids are playing on Jimmy Kimmel tonight and tickets are still available!

Also dios (malos), Tom Freund and Tenlons Fort are playing a free show today at 12-3 on 4th and Main downtown in the street for Park(ing) Day LA so head down there if you have a lunch break, are unemployed, or just have nothing else to do. Actually go even if you do have something else to do. It's Friday.

Other shows tonight:
Digable Planets with Pigeon John at the El Rey
Man Man with Crystal Antlers and Jonah Ray at the Echoplex
The Wedding Present with Earlimart at the Troubadour
Tokyo Police Club with The Whigs and We Barbarians at the Glasshouse
Deftones at the Majestic Ventura Theater
Children of Bodom at the Wiltern

Thursday, September 18, 2008

An Open Letter From The Airborne Toxic Event to P4K

Dear Ian,
Thanks for your review of our record. It's clear that you are a good writer and it's clear that you took a lot of time giving us a thorough slagging on the site. We are fans of Pitchfork. And it's fun to slag off bands. It's like a sport -- kind of part of the deal when you decide to be in a rock band. (That review of Jet where the monkey pees in his own mouth was about the funniest piece of band-slagging we've ever seen.)

We decided a long time ago not to take reviews too seriously. For one, they tend to involve a whole lot of projection, generally saying more about the writer than the band. Sort of a musical Rorschach test. And for another, reading them makes you too damned self-conscious, like the world is looking over your shoulder when the truth is you're not a genius or a moron. You're just a person in a band.
Plus, the variation of opinions on our record has bordered on absurd. 80 percent of what's been said has been positive, a few reviews have remained on the fence and a few (such as yours) have been aggressively harsh. We tend not to put a lot of stock in this stuff, but the sheer disagreement of opinion makes for fascinating (if not a bit narcissistic) reading.

And anyway we have to admit that we found ourselves oddly flattered by your review. I mean, 1.6? That is not faint praise. That is not a humdrum slagging. That is serious fist-pounding, shoe-stomping anger. Many publications said this was among the best records of the year. You seem to think it's among the worst. That is so much better than faint praise.

You compare us to a lot of really great bands (Arcade Fire, the National, Bright Eyes, Bruce Springsteen) and even if your intention was to cut us down, you end up describing us as: "lyrically moody, musically sumptuous and dramatic." One is left only to conclude that you must think those things are bad.

We love indie rock and we know full well that Pitchfork doesn't so much critique bands as critique a band's ability to match a certain indie rock aesthetic. We don't match it. It's true that the events described in these songs really happened. It's true we wrote about
them in ways that make us look bad. (Sometimes in life you are the hero, and sometimes, you are the limp-dicked cuckold. Sometimes you're screaming about your worst fears, your most vicious jealousies and failures. Such is life.) It's also true that the record isn't ironic or quirky or fey or disinterested or buried beneath mountains of
guitar noodling.

As writers, we admire your tenacity and commitment to your tone (even though you do go too far with your assumptions about us). You're wrong about our intentions, you're wrong about how this band came together, you don't seem to get the storytelling or the catharsis or the humor in the songs, and you clearly have some misconceptions about who we are as a band and who we are as people.

But it also seems to have very little to do with us. Much of your piece reads less like a record review and more like a diatribe against a set of ill-considered and borderline offensive preconceptions about Los Angeles. Los Angeles has an extremely vibrant blogging community, Silver Lake is a very close-knit rock scene. We are just one band among many. (And by the way, L.A. does have a flagship indie rock band: they're called Silversun Pickups). We cut our teeth at Spaceland and the Echo and have nothing to do with whatever wayward ideas you have about the Sunset Strip. That's just bad journalism.

But that is the nature of this sort of thing. It's always based on incomplete information. Pitchfork has slagged many, many bands we admire (Dr. Dog, the Flaming Lips, Silversun Pickups, Cold War Kids, Black Kids, Bright Eyes [ironic, no?] just to name a few), so now we're among them. Great.

This band was borne of some very very dark days and the truth is that there is something exciting about just being part of this kind of thing. There's this long history of dialogue between bands and writers so it's a bit of a thrill that you have such a strong opinion about us.

We hear you live in Los Angeles. We'd love for you to come to a show sometime and see what we're doing with these lyrically moody and dramatic songs. You seem like a true believer when it comes to music and writing so we honestly think we can't be too far apart. In any case, it would make for a good story.

all our best-

Mikel, Steven, Anna, Daren, Noah
the Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic Event - Does This Mean You're Moving On?

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


[DJDT & Enzo of DTF at the FMLY House of Fame]

Robert Cepeda aka DJ Dream Team just worked his shit all over DTF and has more than proven himself to be a better producer than Timbaland who can bring the bang harder than any Justice track (fuck them). I'd put the track up for download here, but I'm urging you to check out the DJDT MySpace and hear it there - your computer speakers will thank you. Don't forget to check out DTF as day I'll make a deserving post for them.

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Get Adventurous

Daedelus. Saul Williams. Pigeon John. frosty. Mia Doi Todd. Meet Adventure Time. One of my favorite "supergroups," Adventure Time captures a great range of emotions with very little sounds. I just used "Eel Sand Witch" while re-scoring The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and thought it best to share the magic. I suggest putting your headphones on for this one, it's gonna get minimal. Purchase Dreams of Water Themes here.

Adventure Time - Eel Sand Witch

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Totally Michael, Loaded and Streaming

Hey guys, good news! Totally Michael has placed his album in the caring hands of My Old Kentucky Blog who are graciously streaming the entire damn thing for the next two weeks! Click here to listen.

Totally Michael: Winona (Miami Horror RMX)

Below is Totally Michael playing "Winona" at the 6th St Warehouse in Downtown LA benefiting the Fuck Yeah Fest.

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WTF Wednesday!

Today seems to be the day for good shows this week. With so many the hard part will be figuring out what to go to.

MGMT at the Henry Fonda
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds with Cat Power and Spiritualized at the Hollywood Bowl
Vampire Weekend with White Williams and Abe Vigoda at the Wiltern
Foals with HEALTH at the Glass House
Pop Levi with The*Art and The Oohlas at Spaceland
Delerium with Elsiane and DJ Morgan The El Rey

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday is the New Thursday (LA)

Devotchka with Rupa & The April Fishes at the El Rey

Stereophonics with People in Planes at the Henry Fonda
Vampire Weekend with White Williams and Abe Vigoda at the Glasshouse
Thee Oh Sees with Sic Alps and Ty Segall at The Smell
Intricate Machines with So Many Wizards and Tiff Randol & Mikki James at Boardners
K.D. Lang at Malibu Performing Arts Center
The Fratellis with Airborne Toxic Event and Electric Touch at The Wiltern

Monday, September 15, 2008

Talkdemonic Sets Sail

Tomorrow Talkdemonic will be releasing their third album Eyes at Half Mass. They have reached a new high with this album bringing the world to terms with the fact that you don't need vocals to tell the most beautiful stories. Talkdemonic is a band that started off awe inspiring and have only gotten better. With complex arrangements and intertwining layers, Eyes at Half Mass is a CD to hold close to you. Lucky for us, they are heading out on a national tour.

9/20: Portland, OR - Wonder Ballroom
9/30: Seattle, WA - High Dive
10/1: Missoula, MT - Crystal Theater
10/3: Fargo, ND - The Aquarium
10/4: Minneapolis, MN - 400 Bar
10/7: Chicago, IL - Schubas
10/9: Somerville, MA - PA's Lounge
10/10: Philadelphia, PA - Khyber
10/11: New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
10/12: Washington, DC - The Red and the Black
10/13: Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506
10/14: Mt. Pleasant, SC - Village Tavern
10/15: Atlanta, GA - The Earl
10/17: Tampa, FL - Crowbar
10/18: Gainesville, FL - Common Grounds
10/21: Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon *
10/22: Austin, TX - Mohawk
10/24: Tucson, AZ - Plush
10/27: San Diego, CA - Casbah #
10/28: Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland
10/29: San Francisco, CA - Cafe du Nord

* = w/ Born Ruffians and Plants & Animals
# = w/ Jeffrey Lewis

March Movement - Talkdemonic

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Register to Vote

The election is coming up very fast. Now is the time to register to vote if you haven't yet and now it's easier than ever! You can do it online right here. Whether you are voting for Obama or the other guys it's important that you take part in what is probably THE most crucial election in our time.

Here are the top ten rap endorsements for Barack Obama

Friday, September 12, 2008

Australia's Sara Bareilles

In accordance to Melbourne Appreciation Week (sorta), I've come across the sweets and delicacies of New Buffalo. Like fine dining, it's preferred to have a bit of etiquette while giving the pianing, guitaring & voicing of this woman's music a taste:

Sally Seltmann's (New Buffalo) latest album, Somewhere, anywhere, was showcased with Broken Social Scene late last year in '07. This album screams fresh love and as a producer of her own music, she has made many love songs (not to spite Sara Bareilles) and even songs claimed by other artist, like Feist's "1234". So in a sense, she is nothing like Sara Bareilles and IS Feist instead.

Listening to her is like having wildflowers bloom on your acoustic guitars in the summertime. Peep it.

It's True - New Buffalo


Why is the Sky?

Why? Why not? Y.

Last week, our ears and eyes were lubed down and pleasured by one of NorCal's finest, Why? :

(2/4 of the band)

After finding parking and a pseudo-herpes flare, we rushed down the piss-lathered steps and through a tunnel of tainted murals where we found ourselves in one of our favorite east-side venues, the Echo.(Raiden)

We listened to Rafter's sixth last song, or so it seemed, and up came the much anticipated, Why? ..Fuck, was I blown backwards. They made each song a surprise, in a way, with disguised-intros to throw off the audience. And yeah, I was thrown off, and yeah, it felt good.

I was pumpin' my fist and wavin' my arms and even the guy behind had to say, "I honestly feel closer to God with every Why? show"

So next time they're in town, check it. There's nothing to lose except that v-card.

Lady Fingerz - Why?

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Friday night? Do LA Right!

Jenny Lewis at The Echo
Citay with Parson Red Heads at Tangier
Brian Wilson at Hollywood Bowl
Aesop Rock with Rob Sonic and DJ Big Wiz at Glass House
Tricky at Henry Fonda
Jason Falkner with Oliver Future, Honey Honey and Ari Shine at the Roxy
Mirah & Spectratone International at the Troubadour

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This Friday

EXITMUSIC will be joining us in the studio at Little Radio. If you were at the Backyard Extravaganza then you probably saw them. They were the band that I was asked the most about. They are a local LA band who create a dark slow and atmospheric path to an ambient sonic heaven. They are playing a slew of shows in LA so you have no reason to miss them.

Video for EXITMUSIC's Decline of the West

Check out their myspace for a slew of upcoming LA shows along with a couple free songs for download.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cute Boys!!!

My favorite blog as of late is Cute Boys!!! Check it out and follow the escapades of one women, her camera and a globe full of cute boys. Feel free to daydream about the barrage of scruffy foreign boys with cigarettes hanging loose from them mouths as they look into your eyes and tell you're the one they have been searching for...What was I saying? Ah yes! Do sneak a peak at these lovelies, regardless of your sexual preference. I won't tell anyone.

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Melbourne Appreciation Week: Muscles

Muscles is poppy electro at it's finest. Big fat bass synth, iconoclastic vocals and minimalist melodies help make this band one of the easiest to dance to that I have come across in a long time. Their album name Guns, Babes and Lemonade speaks for it's self. Such songs as Ice Cream are about enjoying life, taking our shirts off and yes, eating ice cream.

Jerk - Muscles

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Wednesday Wule! (LA)

Where I'll be:
The Parson Red Heads at Amoeba

Ratatat and Panther at the Henry Fonda

Bodies of Water, Throw Me the Statue, Princeton at the Echo
Venus Illuminato, Olin And The Moon, Eleni Mandell, Dillon Campbell (FREE!)
Built To Spill (perform 'Perfect From Now On'), Quasi, The Christopher Walk-ins at the Troubadour

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Nephews Live on Little Radio

A while back Nephews played on FMLY Radio. Now you can download those recordings for free off of Little Radio. Just click here to take a listen and download.


A Tuesday Night in LA

Where I'll be:
The New No. 2 Residency with Rumspringa, The Outline and White Arrows at the Key Club (FREE!)
Damien Jurado with Jennifer O'Connor and Little Wings at Spaceland
Mogwai with Fuck Buttons at The Wiltern
Ratatat with Panther at Henry Fonda
Stop,Revolt. at Silverlake Lounge

McCain Me


Hey lalaland, my buddy Ryder Ripps in NYC just put together a great blog called McCain Me. Send him and your headshots and get ready to GET MCCAINED!!! The email address is MCCAINED@GMAIL.COM, the blog is right hur and the fun has already begun.



Palin for President?!

So according to all the polls taken by "unbiased" companies including CNN, USA Today, ABC, CBS and others, McCain is in the lead for president. This is starting to look awfully familiar. I seem to recall a certain 2000 election where these "news sources" told us that Bush won and because they declared the results that way, they ended up being that way. I hope for this countries sake that we do not repeat ourselves.

Melbourne Appreciation Week

Melbourne never ceases to surprise me with new innovative music from Architecture in Helsinki to Cut Copy to The Avalanches. This week we will be diving head first into the Melbourne music scene to see what treasures we can dig up.

Let's start with a little of The Avalanches. Gimix is a single 45 minute track that was originally a cassette the band sold at shows to combat all of the bootlegs being sold of the unfinished album and contains a lot of the same material. Look out for samples of Bob Dylan and The Beatles.

Gimix - The Avalanche

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All Tomorrow's Parties

All Tomorrow's Parties is known for having great shows and this year is no difference with the first My Bloody Valentine show in 16 years. You have ten days till it's time to head up to the mountains (90 minutes from New York) for an unforgettable weekend. Here's the schedule:



BUILT TO SPILL - 11.20PM - 12.50AM


TORTOISE - 7.45PM - 8.45PM

MEAT PUPPETS - 6.00PM - 7.00PM

BARDO POND - 4.30PM - 5.30PM


PATTON OSWALT - 10.30pm – 11.15pm

EUGENE MIRMAN - 10pm 10.25pm

MARIA BAMFORD - 9.30pm –9.55pm

JOE DeROSA - 9.00pm – 9.25pm



LIGHTING BOLT – 12.45am – 1.30am

SHELLAC 11.30PM – 12.30AM


POLVO 8.45PM – 9.30PM

AUTOLUX 7.30PM – 8.15PM

EDAN with Guest Dagha 6.05PM – 7PM


THE DRONES 3.30PM – 4.15PM

APSE 2.15PM – 3PM



LOW 8.00PM - 9.00PM

OM 6.45PM – 7.30PM

HARMONIA 5.30PM – 6.15PM


GROWING 3.00PM – 3.45PM




MY BLOODY VALENTINE - 12am - 1.30am

DINOSAUR JR. - 10.00pm - 11.00pm

MOGWAI - 8.15pm - 9.15pm

YO LA TENGO - 6.45pm - 7.30pm

MERCURY REV - 5.30pm - 6.15pm

EPMD - 4.15pm - 5.00pm

ROBIN GUTHRIE - 3.00pm - 3.45pm


BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE - 10.45pm - 11.45pm

BOB MOULD - 9.15pm - 10.00pm

TRAIL OF DEAD - 7.30pm - 8.15pm

SPECTRUM - 6.00pm - 6.45pm

GEMMA HAYES - 4.45pm - 5.30pm

LILYS - 3.30pm - 4.15pm

WOUNDED KNEES - 2.15pm - 3.00pm

LE VOLUME COURBE - 1.00pm - 1.45pm

Monday, September 8, 2008

VMAs: "When's Lil' Wayne Coming Back On?"

So the VMAs was mundane and a harsh reminder that the talentless rule popular music. The only highlights of the evening were when Lil' Wayne was on stage. Joined by Leona Lewis, T-Pain, and a full orchestra, Lil 'Wayne gave a mini showcase of some of his hits since Tha Carter III dropped. He also performed with Kid Rock but I found myself waiting once again for Lil' Wayne, who remains the only beacon of hope for mainstream hip-hop. Check out his performance below:

When Lil'Wayne wasn't on screen, I was witness to a myriad of promise ring-clad, Disney "virgins" unable to take a joke from the ever witty and sharp-tongued Russell Brand who was not received well by many of the pop stars in attendance, especially by the Jonas Brothers and Jordin Sparks. After Russell made a couple of quips at the Jonas Brothers for their promise rings to God, the American Idol star had this to say before giving out a moon man:
"It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody, guy or girl, wants to be a slut." ummm...okay?

After that, Russell apologized the only way Russell could. Saying he doesn't want to piss off teenage fans with comments on promise rings, but that doesn't mean he wants to "piss on" them either, alluding to the infamous R.Kelly incident.

Blah, Blah, Brit-Brit won three awards which seemed to be out of sheer pity from the VMA comittee.

The show then closed with Kanye revealing his new song "Love Lockdown" which is beautifully produced but as usual, Kanye's vocals (which was sung, not rapped) lacked. As I feel about many Kanye West's songs, I kind of wished he layed down the track and had someone with a stronger voice sing. Anyway, check it:

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In honor of the Lovepump United showcase on October 9th with Genghis Tron and HEALTH, I would like to talk a little bit about a label that has brought us so much. With four years under their belt, they have managed to bring us some of the newest, most creative music around. They are home to such noise gems as AIDS Wolf, PRE, HEALTH as well as Indian Jewelry, Clipd Beaks, Genghis Tron, and Crystal Castles. This is a roster that is hard to come by where every single band has something amazing to it; from Genghis Tron's epic fast paced journeys to songs that make you want to hit the dance floor like Crystal Castles. They also have a great collection of vinyl for sale on their website some of which your collection may not do with out. Personally I will be buying some HEALTH vinyl today. Lovepump United will be celebrating their 20th release on October 14th with Genghis Tron's Board Up The House Remixes, Vol. 2 LP.

Do you want to go to The LPU showcase on October 9th? I have 5 pairs of tickets to give away! Just for you! All you have to do is email me at and tell me what Lovepump United's first release was.

Triceratops (CFCF RMX) - HEALTH

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Monday Madness (LA)

Gangi, Silver Summit, Avi Buffalo at the Prospector
Death to Anders with Robert Francis, The Henry Clay People and Manhattan Murder Mystery at The Echo (FREE!)
dios (malos) with the Radar Brothers and Marching Band at Spaceland(FREE!)
Kyle H. Mabson with Dracula, Adventure and Future Islands at Pehrspace

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Andrew Bird's Lull

Here's Andrew Bird's video for Lull.


Friday, September 5, 2008

No Age Directed Skate Vid

As you know, Randy Randall of No Age is a man of many trades - let's watch him wear his director's hat in this one. Randall recently directed a short film documenting the Altamont Apparel skate team on their trip to Paris. Here's a teaser to the vid and keep your ears open for "Ripped Knees" off of this year's Nouns.

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MF Doomed

MF Doom fans rejoice for Doomed has dropped. The 156MB mixtape prominently features the man in mask's verse from De La Soul's "Rock Co. Cane Flow" over Diplo's Clash sample made internationally known by M.I.A.. C'mon guys, lets here some originality! Download here.

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