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Friday, September 12, 2008

Australia's Sara Bareilles

In accordance to Melbourne Appreciation Week (sorta), I've come across the sweets and delicacies of New Buffalo. Like fine dining, it's preferred to have a bit of etiquette while giving the pianing, guitaring & voicing of this woman's music a taste:

Sally Seltmann's (New Buffalo) latest album, Somewhere, anywhere, was showcased with Broken Social Scene late last year in '07. This album screams fresh love and as a producer of her own music, she has made many love songs (not to spite Sara Bareilles) and even songs claimed by other artist, like Feist's "1234". So in a sense, she is nothing like Sara Bareilles and IS Feist instead.

Listening to her is like having wildflowers bloom on your acoustic guitars in the summertime. Peep it.

It's True - New Buffalo


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