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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Early Why?

So you've downloaded every Why? album, including Yoni's self-releases and earlier collaborative projects, but you still don't feel like you've had quite enough? Luckily, Yoni is no stranger to house shows and I've found a tape that documents the transition of Why? Murder (the man) into Why? (the band). This was recorded on Yoni's Oaklandazulasylum tour and was briefly sold as a tour only cd - follow the link below to download.

Why? - Almost Live From Anna's Cabin [via]

01. Broken Crow
02. Ferris Wheel
03. Cold Lunch
04. Maze
05. Ha X4
06. On My 19th..
07. Our Neighbor's Daughter
08. Lady Fingerz
09. The Teeth Behind Kisses
10. Afterschool America
11. A Little Titanic
12. Seventeen
13. Darla
14. Me and the Pea Coat
15. Ape In Cage...
16. Early Whitney
17. Bad Entropy


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