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Thursday, September 4, 2008


FMLY is very excited to present to you LA's very own HEALTH with experimental metalheads Genghis Tron, the progressive psychedelic music of Clipd Beaks, and Eletro experimentalists Yip Yip at the Knitting Factory on October 9th. This show is bringing together amazing innovative music from all over the country. This is a show that you DO NOT want to miss.

Triceratops - HEALTH

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what does "fmly presents" mean

did you book this show?
fmly did not book this show. we have worked with health in the past and have developed a relationship with lovepump where we can welcome health back home with open arms and thankfully attach our name to a great bill. "fmly presents" means that fmly is a promoter of the show - and we only do this for bands which we feel passionate about such as Why?, Health, video? and more artists that we have worked with over the past 9 months.
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