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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

[Post-Foetus] Listening Party

One of my favorite local artist will be having a listening party for his new album The Fabric. Will Wiesenfeld of [Post-Foetus] is a absolutely unrecognized genius. He creates the kind of music your soul plays right before you go to sleep and makes your heart swell up as you go on a journey you could have never imagined. Will Wiesenfeld has truly mastered his art and brings electronic music to the next stage. This is something that you SHOULD NOT miss.
Here are the deets:
Admission: FREE
Where: The Zach Shack
4811 Densmore Ave
Encino, Ca
When: This Saturday at 7:00

Copies of The Fabric are on sale for $10 (What a deal!) but there are only 250 so hurry!

Allalonely - [Post-Foetus]


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