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Friday, September 12, 2008

Why is the Sky?

Why? Why not? Y.

Last week, our ears and eyes were lubed down and pleasured by one of NorCal's finest, Why? :

(2/4 of the band)

After finding parking and a pseudo-herpes flare, we rushed down the piss-lathered steps and through a tunnel of tainted murals where we found ourselves in one of our favorite east-side venues, the Echo.(Raiden)

We listened to Rafter's sixth last song, or so it seemed, and up came the much anticipated, Why? ..Fuck, was I blown backwards. They made each song a surprise, in a way, with disguised-intros to throw off the audience. And yeah, I was thrown off, and yeah, it felt good.

I was pumpin' my fist and wavin' my arms and even the guy behind had to say, "I honestly feel closer to God with every Why? show"

So next time they're in town, check it. There's nothing to lose except that v-card.

Lady Fingerz - Why?

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