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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Detour Afterparty

This weekend is the third annual Detour Fest, my favorite festival, if not just for the location. Here is the set list for this year.

And here is my schedule:
1:30-2:10 Noah and the Whale
2:15-2:30 The Afternoons
2:55-3:40 run back and forth between The Mae Shi and Grand Ole Party
4:05-4:55 depending on the mood The Submarines or Datarock
5:20-6:05 Black Lips
6:15-7:15 Hercules and Love Affair
7:45-8:45 Cut Copy
8:45-END Well I will just be hanging out at this point but I'd check out Guns 'N' Bombs live set.

If you think you will still be jacked up on free Monster, you should RSVP right now to the Detour Afterparty at my home, the Little Radio warehouse.


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