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Friday, October 17, 2008

Sophie is a Bitch

A "Sophie" could be a friend that you hang out with just 'cause you have to. Not exactly the terminology, nor am I picking on our most lovable Miltz blogger. It just is.

Words to live by according to Tacoma's hawtest Don't Tell Sophie.
The thing about this four piecer is that they remind you of the the foundation of our music -- the base of our lake. Sometimes you get tired of all the originality, samples, and ass-thumping bass that is sprayed out onto our faces leaving us with no recollection of what had just happened to us --rape so to speak. They remind us of how easy bass, guitar and drums can simply just take us to where we want to be: with Vonnegut, drinking beers and a fair-lady clinging on tight to your arm to keep ya both warm. Auuuhh... damn, it feels good.

Vonnegut - Don't Tell Sophie


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