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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tobacco: Fucked Up Friends

On his solo debut, Tobacco has progressed farther than the threshold of audible horizons. There is no technology, moral or language that can justify the music of Fucked Up Friends (anticon). Trading in the ghosts of the Black Moth Super Rainbow closet for baskets of delicious treats Tobacco goes way of an anticon Timbaland for producing one of the most progressive albums of 2008.

Rural Pennsylvania’s Tobacco has become an underground king through his ‘witch candy’ outfit, Black Moth Super Rainbow becoming the icon of a record store clerk’s wet dream. We first heard from the mysterious man in eye hands in 2000 with the release of Flower Sides (Fuckeroo) creating music with friend and fellow BMSR member Power Pill Fist under the name satanstompingcaterpillars. Three years, three albums and welcoming the addition of three more members (Father Hummingbird, The Seven Fields of Aphelion and Iffernaut) later the band has become known as Black Moth Super Rainbow, arguably one of the most important creative forces of this generation.

After releasing their first EP Electric Avenue Chapter 8 on Duotone Records, the band created their own imprint, The 70’s Gymnastics Recording Company. BMSR stayed on their own imprint to release their first two full lengths Falling Through A Field (2003) and Start A People (2004) - if you want to get technical feel free to count Chinese Witch Guy With an Axe (2004). Upon collaboration with Austin’s The Octopus Project the band signed to Graveface to release The House of Apples and Eyeballs, Lost, Picking Flowers in the Woods and their 2007 breakthrough Dandelion Gum.

For any fans of Black Moth Super Rainbow or progressive and experimental media, Fucked Up Friends will impress the fuck out of you.

Tobacco - Hairy Candy

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