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Saturday, November 29, 2008

cloud., Pimp Steak Out Now

It is euphoria when you listen to a hip-hop classic (ie. Digable Planets Blowout Comb, A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders, The Pharcyde Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde or of course Wu-Tang's Enter the Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers). Well during my first listen to cloud.'s most recent, Pimp Steak, I experienced that same euphoria - this album isn't going to leave my iPod, my playlists or my car for years. Yeah, that's a bold statement, but I haven't heard beat conducting this impressive since Dilla's Donuts - and as on par and comparable to [in terms of quality, not aesthetic, output or the like] Madlib's Beat Konducta volumes. A great vibe from Pimp Steak is that cloud. is offering the album FOR FREE via a MySpace blog and only asking for donation. Get it here. If you're in NY, cloud. is conveniently playing a show Monday at Glasslands, an art gallery opening on Friday and you can rest assured knowing that he'll be playing at a FMLY event asap.

myspace praise:
"Yo Cloud man, the more I listen to Pimp Steak, the more it souinds like an underground classic!
On the real, one of the illest instrumental beat compilations i've heard ever!"

"j dilla changed my life"

"nothing like waking up in the clouds"

Alright, so I'm not great at picking out quotes, but you get it, now go get it. While you're at it, pick up his beat tape Ice Cream Cola right hurr. Both are must haves and both are free, but suggested donation.

cloud. - Spark It via Pimp Steak
cloud. - How It Is via Pimp Steak
cloud. - All In Love via Ice Cream Cola

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New Talkdemonic

In light of Talkdemonic's September release of Eyes At Half Mast, which we've been bumpin' for a better portion of the year, the Portland duo has released a video for the track "Duality of Deathening." For those either interested in string and drum arrangements, cyborg societies or maybe even both - here's a video specially for you.

Talkdemonic also made a recent appearance on Daytrotter and unveiled a new track, "CSJ9."
"This is a brand new song that was written right before we left for tour and is kind of a departure for us on some levels. The drums are all covered by t-shirts and towels so they sound somewhat muted, inspired by dead 70’s muted drum sounds a la Neil Young’s “On the Beach” which opens up more space for the viola to float over everything."

Check out the sesh right here.

Talkdemonic - Ending the Orange Glow




Friday, November 28, 2008

Glass Ghost of Brooklyn

Glass Ghost is a year old project out of Brooklyn with Eliot Krimsky (of Flying, plays keyboards and voice) and Mike Johnson (drums). It's the magic of falsetto, emotionally evocative keyboard and a one man african drum group that initially caught my ear, but their interest in candid street photographs that kept me on the page long enough to begin bobbing my head. Shifting beats with repetitive harmonies are exactly what to look for, and the vocals really just make their tunes more ghostly and transparent - all qualities which ask the listener to draw more from what is heard. They'll be playing December 1 at Glasslands with Ava Luna, The Wailing Wall and Kunal Gupta - a sweet show that should be checked out. Glass Ghost's Physical EP is out now for $5, go here to find out how to get your hands on it.


Lil' Wayne Goes Namco

So it may be a little sad that I've noticed this, but Lil' Wayne's new mixtape art is inspired by a character from Tekken 5. I hope that Weezy is a fan.

The Hood Internet - Fire It Up, Firemouse (Modest Mouse vs Lil' Wayne)

In Hood Internet news, the mashers of musical cheese have put together one of their most spot-on tracks featuring Department of Eagles and Britney Spears. I'll let you be the judge.

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Join theFMLY

So we added a counter to our page and it'd be great if everyone could contribute to it. You'll be able to see what you're listening to on itunes in real time (with a 60sec lag) displayed on the blog and that way we'll also know what you're jamming out to. Community Rocks!

If you'd like to join theFMLY please visit this link and sign in.
username: theFMLY
password: iwantfmly
Don't be afraid to upload your listening history.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Music Musick and Muzak

"round the world like a yo-yo walk ya dog fetch. connect four, spectacular in a scrabble session. paper airplanes turn your jenga into 9/11. we stay hungry just like hippos. counting monopoly money, we're fuckin' rich yo."

Noah23 recently gave an album of rarities from this year away via MySpace. Here's the mediafire link and I highly recommend the download. Noah23 continues to fascinate me, especially with his open admittance of how drugs affect his music and his unusual hippie upbringing [for a Canadian]. His cultural references are spot on and for those who haven't began listening to his music I suggest you do so.

Upside Down Bluejay Tracklisting:
1. This A Way That A Way (produced by Lord Kufu)
2. Help (produced by Smear)
3. Smoke (produced by En2ak)
4. Sky Father (produced by Leon Murphy)
5. Lentils (produced by Subtitle)
6. Rice Crispy (produced by Mr Soch)
7. Google Plex (produced by Lmnz
8. Ripe Figs Remix feat. Bleubird (produced by Playpad Circus)
9. Poker Without Cards (produced by Madadam)
10. Fulcanelli (produced by DJ Moves
11. Musical Electric Chairs (produced by Unconventional Science)
12. Bad Acid (produced by Madadam) KILLER!!!
13. Emerald Table (produced by K-the-I)
14. Abyss (produced by Dreamcode)
15. Best Bitter (produced by Chuckchee)
16. Anarcho Taoist feat. Livestock (produced by Leon Murphy)
17. House on Wheels feat. Greg Pepper (produced by Madadam & G Pep)
18. Peacock Angel (produced by Madadam)
19. Blue 80 Hut feat. Lord Kufu (produced by Lord Kufu)
20. Ancient Ice (produced by Mr Soch)
21. Sigma Octantis (produced by Savillion)
22. Coming from the Cold feat. Optikz, Sharky & T-Dot (produced by Classified)
23. Aquarius Pharoah ILL Shit Remix (produced by Madadam)

Don't forget to pick up a copy of Rock Paper Scissors from or hold off until the vinyl is released. There are some really sick beats and flows, but I've still gotta recommend Quicksand to any fan of modern versatile hip-hop.

An album I never talked about this year is Dosh's Wolves and Wishes released in May via anticon. With contributions from Bonnie ’Prince’ Billy, Andrew Bird, Fog, Odd Nosdam and the usual suspects, Mike Lewis and Jeremy Ylvisaker. A FMLY review of the album will be up relatively soon, but if you haven't had a chance to check out the album it makes a great holiday gift. Visit the DoshFMLY website here and pick up some cheap CD's, vinyl and other goodies.

Dosh - Don't Wait For The Needle To Drop

ATP NY (All Tomorrow's Parties) 2009 have announced their initial lineup of just a few bands, but already I am dying of anxiety. Buy your $235 tickets here.



"KTXT (88.1 FM) out of Texas posted their list of the 10 most disappointing albums of 2008 on their blog The Couch. This is what they came up with...

10. Weezer - The Red Album
9. The Raveonettes - Lust Lust Lust
8. Mars Volta - The Bedlam In Goliath
7. Black Kids - Partie Traumatic
6. CSS - Donkey
5. Ghostland Observatory - Robotique Majestique
4. Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer
3. Beck - Modern Guilt
2. Cold War Kids - Loyalty to Loyalty
1. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals - Cardinology"
[via bv]

Don't forget to listen to Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie today. After all, it's Thanksgiving!

And lastly, Jeffrey Lewis has made a history of Rough Trade video that I highly recommend. Check it out!

FMLY isn't really that Thanksgiving festive, but we certainly enjoy a great homecooked meal. Have a great dinner everyone and if you get something out of it then more power to ya. I'll be a bit outside of New York City in Warwick romping around in the forest if anyone wants to come join. Don't forget to RSVP to our event we've overwhelmed you with HERE.

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Harvey Milk Candle Light Vigil

"Please join One Voice For Equality in a dignified ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of the assassination of Harvey Milk, a gay rights pioneer and the first openly gay man elected to public office.

Joining hand in hand, we will silently line the sidewalks of Santa Monica Blvd, meeting at San Vicente and then stretching east and west. Please bring candles.

Our vision is to create an aerial view of a candlelit equal sign , a visual symbol of our goal: equality for all. We request that participants maintain a peaceful, dignified and positive presence to show our city, nation and world that our anger at the passage of Proposition 8 is being directed towards positive action. We are human beings who deserve to be heard and are entitled to equal protection under the laws of the United States.

November 27th, 2008 @ 7pm on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and San Vincente in West Hollywood.

We need as many volunteers possible. Please sign up now to help build this important action.
Contact for more information."



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lucky Dragons Added To FMLY's Crazy Fuckin' Party

What a great big fuckin' coincidence! Lucky Dragons, just hours after I posted on them, have been added to FMLY's DO-WHATEVER-THE-FUCK-YOU-WANNA-DO-AND-BE-WHOEVER-THE-FUCK-YOU-WANNA-BE night of debauchery, booty-beats and dancing with Ninjasonik, Japanther, Funeral Party and Blackblack.

we love LD for just excelling in all categories and being such involved and dedicated artists. sara and luke are a dream team of beautiful minds and we're so pumped to get them on board.

Don't forget to rsvp via facebook here. Tickets at the door are $10, but are reduced to $5 if you send an email to Have a delicious Thanksgiving, especially to the vegans out there.

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Subtle This Saturday

As you probably know by now, this Saturday Subtle will be playing at the Knitting Factory. If you want to go, you can buy tickets here or text WASHERE to 467467. I am also giving away 3 more pairs of tickets. Are you feeling lucky?! Email me at

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"you already know, oh no ninjasonik with the k not the c all day every day"

Some of the most energetic, unpredictable, sexual, incredible, etc shows I've ever been to have been nights that Ninjasonik and BFF'z Japanther have lit up the stage together. Unfortunately these shows have only happened in New York and its been a bummer to not take this one-of-a-kind magical experience back home to Los Angeles. Well, fuck that setback because it has been done! FMLY is presenting you with one night and one night only of DO-WHATEVER-THE-FUCK-YOU-WANNA-DO-AND-BE-WHOEVER-THE-FUCK-YOU-WANNA-BE, a night of debauchery, booty-beats and dancing with Ninjasonik, Japanther, Funeral Party, Blackblack and some more treats to be announced soon. This goes down December 6 in Downtown and if that's an inconvenient location for you then you can just stop reading this blog right now because I will personally pay you back out of my pocket if this is not one of the best show experiences you've ever had at night's end (please don't be a jackass and throw this into a realm of Radiohead or Deerhunter). Make sure to pick up a "Somebody's Gonna Get Pregnant" shirt while you're there! The party goes down at Enjoy Human in Downtown LA, 2323 Porter St. $10 at the door and $5 with RSVP to Fbook event here.

Don't forget to RSVP to get $5 off the door. Email

If you're a long time member of the FMLY then I'm sure you've caught this, but for those of you who have recently joined us I interviewed Teenwolf and Rev McFly of Ninjasonik earlier this year for the iheartcomix blog. It began as a morning of chillin' and then some 40z, blunts and a dozen Sparks later we had ourselves an interview which I'm pumped to say is one of the first links to come up when you google Ninjasonik. Tight [pants]!

Ninjasonik - Art School Girls
Ninjasonik - Shoot The Lazer (Snakes Say Hiss remix)
Japanther - Challenge
Japanther - River Phoenix

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Snow In LA

Who says you've gotta wear a Dodger's hat to represent your hometown! Send 'em our way and we'll sit them down and teach them a thing or two about rocking the L.A. greatness on our iPods, on our bills and in our hearts. Coming up very soon is an event that we couldn't be more proud to have become a part of, Snow In LA! Now we've dropped some info here and there concerning the show but finally it's time to announce and get everyone psyched. Snow In LA, following suit of Fuck Yeah Fest, Sunset Junction and dozens of other great festivals throughout the year is a brand new all ages music festival. Think of it as a pre-game to Christmas and New Years, a celebration of Channukah and Kwanzaa or just a day of great music, and we want to get you all involved! For the inaugural fest and with the help of our buds at Ghettogloss and The Tape we present you Daedelus, Busdriver, The Mae Shi, Rumspringa, Entrance Band, Fool's Gold and Haim. All L.A. all the time baby, let's do our city proud! This all goes down at The Echoplex on December 21 so start picking out what you're gonna wear, there are gonna be some hotties in town from school for this one.



The Mae Shi


Entrance Band

Fool's Gold

Download: Throwing It All Away - Haim

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Cred Report: Lucky Dragons

[High Places, Soft Circle, Lucky Dragons and Hawnay Troof collaborative acoustic set in a creek bed next to a crater. Berkeley/Oakland Hills, CA. via]

I realize I've never given out mad cred to some artists who seriously deserve it. Lucky Dragons are without a doubt pushing boundaries within their realm of dronish computer trance. If that doesn't make sense it's chill because it's incredibly difficult to describe the sounds heard on Dream Island Laughing Language. To take an easy route they could be dubbed "a West Coast version of Brooklyn’s High Places" [via], but that's not creative, that's not original and unique, that's High Places and not Lucky Dragons. Where's the magic of originality and the air of expression that Luke Fischbeck deserves!? On his - now their - eighteenth release, which to be fair was officially released in May via Marriage Recs, these Lucky Dragons get more compression, more organic and more badittude making for one creatively crafted experimental release. I'm proud to say that Sara and Luke reside in Los Angeles and put on some incredible shows that I caught over summer. They'll be going on a full tour of the US in January and February and it's up to you to book it for them! If you want to see Lucky Dragons in your town, playing your house and sleeping on your floor then contact them asap and tell 'em FMLY sent you:

"Live, Fischbeck breaks down the barrier between audience and band by conducting his concerts as workshop-style situations. “Complement Song” (2006) implores audience members to compliment each other. The Make a Baby project (2005– ) generates sound based on skin-to-skin contact: via conductive sensors knit into tapestries or handheld tubes and wired to his computer, Fischbeck “meaningfully interprets” frequencies sent through participants’ physical interaction into a series of digital feedback loops. As audience members surround Fischbeck or hold hands to stay connected, determining the crowd’s visual organization, he also distills these signals into animated representations of human motion that appear on a screen as colorful moving patterns. Microcosmic realizations of the artist’s stated desire for a world “free of irony,” the sincerely cultivated, loving environments Lucky Dragons creates with every project empower the individual, reminding listeners of our ability to effect change in other social arenas." [Trinie Dalton, via]

To make this short and sweet, Lucky Dragons, we're lucky to have you.
Catch 'em December 6 at the Echo Curio in Los Angeles and December 11 and 12 in NY. Tour dates can be found here as well as information concerning releases and other interesting tidbits.

Lucky Dragons - Givers
Lucky Dragons - I Keep Waiting For Earthquakes

edit: sorry about the 'they' and 'he' confusions. i find it hard to distinguish where luke and sara's contributions meet. there are also lucky dragons related content such as 'glacier' which i'm not familiar with but i understand is rad. head over to the glaciers of nice online shop here and pick up some new sounds and art.

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And Now a Minute with Mr. T

Mr. T on Soul Train

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Michael Franti rocks Obama

Back in the day Michael Franti was some of my only music. The first show I remember is a Michael Franti show. Since then he has grown so much and the other day to my surprise I saw Michael Franti on the back of a bus! He has always been a big political activist and it's one of the things I've always loved about him since The Beatnigs. Here is a video of him last week at the Nokia Theater in Times Square with a song about our president-elect (who else but) Barack Obama.

Television is the Drug of the Nation - The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy (early Michael Franti)

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Thanksgiving Week Show Picks (LA)

Catch Deerhunter with Times New Viking at the El Rey or if you are looking for a more intimate show, why not head over to the Echo to check out The Rosebuds with Jonah Ray, Lemon Sun and Dazzler.

My Brightest Diamond and Clare & the Reasons will be playing at the Hotel Cafe.
My Brightest Diamond myspace

Thursday (Turkey Day)
If you have no family to speak of why don't you put down that frozen dinner, dry those tears and come out and dance till you fall with the Heist's 2nd annual Thanksgiving party. Check it out here.

Sleep. We are all full of Turkey.


FMLY Presents Subtle at the Knitting Factory
Click here to buy tickets or text WASHERE to 467467.

Blitzen Trapper and The Parson Red Heads at the Echo


Monday, November 24, 2008

Land of Talk Walk the Walk

Montreal indie rockers Land of Talk have been on the road since the release of their full length ablum Some Are Lakes at the beginning on October which can't be nailed down as one thing. Some Are Lakes covers a array of calming tranquil ballads to poppy songs that you can't help but dance to to a mix between Broken Social Scene and Deerhoof. Catch them while they are still playing reasonably price shows!

11/27/08 – Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy *
11/29/08 – Utrecht, NL @ Le Guess Who ^
12/1/08 – Berlin, DE @ Festaal Kreuzberg ^
12/2/08 – Copenhagen, DK @ Vega ^
12/4/08 – Heidelburg, DE @ Zum Teufel ^
12/5/08 – Offenbach, DE @ Hafen 2 Club ^
12/6/08 – Ghent, BE @ Etolie Poliviers Festival w/ Bon Iver
12/8/08 – Brussels, BE @ Botanique ^
12/9/08 – Paris, FR @ Main D’Oeuvres ^
12/10/08 – London, UK @ Water Rats
1/14/09 – Guelph, ON @ Ebar #
1/15/09 – Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern #
1/16/09 – Kingston, ON @ Grad Club #
1/21/09 – Seattle, WA @ High Dive
1/22/09 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
1/23/09 – Eugene, OR @ San Bond’s
1/24/09 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill
1/26/08 – San Diego, CA @ Casbah
1/28/09 – Los Angeles, CA @ Spaceland
2/7/09 – Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret

* w/ Broken Social Scene
^ w/ Think About Life
# w/ Zeroes & Little Scream

Young Bridge - Land of Talk


Sunday, November 23, 2008


[click for larger image]

"Possibly the best annual alley cat race LA has to offer, the Cranksgiving charity race has raised money and donated food to Para Los Ninos every Thanksgiving season for the last EIGHT years!

Cranksgiving was originally conceived and promoted by NYC bike messenger Tone Rodrigues as a way for the New York Bike Messenger Association (NYBMA) to give back to people less fortunate than themselves, over 10 years ago. In 2001, a couple of LA messengers went to Budapest, Hungary for the Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC's). They met Tone there, heard about the race, and decided to organize their own Cranksgiving race in LA that year.

Cranksgiving is now held in cities around the world donating to various charities and causes just in time for Thanksgiving. Come out, race for a great cause, and be a part of the Cranksgiving spirit!!" [via]

Black Moth Super Rainbow - Day On A Bike (Unreleased 2006)
The FMLY Cat - Albert Hoffman's Bike


Friday, November 21, 2008

Palin Reading at Barnes and Noble Tonight

I can only hope this is legit, but I don't see why someone would make this up. Head over to Barnes and Noble in Union Square at 6:30 because the action starts at 7. Going event here. This is everyone's chance to fuck Sarah Palin.

The Governor of Alaska reads from her salacious new memoir, "Dreaming a Little Dream," which contains new revelations about her teenage abortions, youthful meth habit (!), and small town promiscuity. Thankfully, Palin started a new love affair--with Jesus Christ--and became the political starlet we all love.

edit: i knew this wasn't legit, this is not happening. i repeat, not happening. damn.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

We Are Wizards

We Are Wizards

We Are Wizards covers the Harry Potter phenomena and the important role which it has taken in peoples lives. Observing academics and top Potters this movie strikes the heart of everyone who has read the series, even if just a book. Harry and the Potters, Hungarian Horntails and Draco and the Malfoys makes appearances as well. Find out where you can catch the film here.


Japanther, Back In CA and New Album

"i love you no matter where you spend the night. you can always come back to me, because i'm nothing and you are everything..."

So the new Japanther album, Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt, dropped last month via Tapes Records - also home to BARR. But the most exciting news regarding the release is the west coast tour following! You can catch Brooklyn's finest tonight at UCSD and tomorrow at surprisesurprise, The Smell! If you're in Fresno or Oakland they're also coming your way so make sure to check out the MySpace page. Japanther and FMLY BFF'z Ninjasonik will be arriving in LA in just a couple of weeks, more info to come as that approaches.

Japanther - Bumpin Rap Tapes [via Spin]
Japanther - The Dirge (New Bad Things cover, lyrics above) [via Village Voice]

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FMLY Presents: Subtle

FMLY is very proud to present Subtle. If you are unfamiliar with the Oakland-based sextet, it's time that you familiarize yourself. Using an array of interments including sampler, synth, guitar, cello, winds, electronic and acoustic drums, and Doseone's rapping, singing, and talking, Subtle takes what you thought of songs and turn it on it's head. Using a landscape of natural organic sounds and a diverse palate of electronic sounds, categorizing Subtle becomes impossible. Subtle is the future of music existing in every genre at once. Their latest album ExitingARM is a nasty, gritty, serene piece of pop heaven that'll take you on the rollercoaster ride of a life time.

I have 5 pairs of tickets to give away to this show. If you want 'em, email me at

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Beach House

Beach House released their brand spankin'new video today for "Used To Be" via Pitchfork TV. See, Rhyming is easy.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Return of Outkast

In 2003, I had one album in the boombox I carried around. Five years later Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is still one of the best rap albums if ever heard. Finally Outkast has announced that they will be releasing three LP's in 2009 (making up for lost time). Andre 3000 and Big Boi will drop individual albums and then a collaboration album. You can expect Big Boi's album Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty around January or February, Andre 3000's after he comes up with a better name than Big Boi's album, and the long awaited Outkast album later in the year. I hope Outkast raises the bar again for rap music. After five years of Lil' Jon and Akon types, we could sure use it.

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Previously On Lost...

"i once was found, but now i'm lost and all my friends are dead..."

If you're into Harry and the Potters, or I guess Lost the TV show - not that the two are related - then make sure to check out Brooklyn's Previously On Lost.

Previously on Lost claim to be the world's only "recap rock" band, who spent the first half of 2008 writing a song for every episode of ABC's island mystery series' fourth season -- you know, in case you missed it. And if you're jonesing for Season 4 to be released on DVD (Dec. 4) maybe seeing the whole shebang performed live will hold you over. The "Live Experience" features props and such -- I'm curious if they'll have a live smoke monster. A couple of Previously On Lost videos are here. [via]

To dig deeper, POL are two guys, Jeff and Adam. Adam hosts the respectable and successful Zombieville while Jeff and his roommate Juan have an internet show that you may have seen on Pitchfork TV called Juan's Basement. Juan also play's electric guitar and bass on POL tracks. I'll be seeing Anamanaguchi, Savoir Adore and Kid Color on Thursday at Glasslands but I urge everyone with no plans to check POL out at The Bell House that night.

Check out Zombieville on Myspace here, Previously On Lost here and Jeff's space ballet, Champollion, here.


Sigur Ros For The Holidays

So I think the vid of that acapella group reinterpreting Of Montreal is the best one of those I've seen. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't already, or just watch it again. It's been a tough year, but seriously a fucking great year - the 'best year ever' to loosely quote VH1. And now that 2008 is dying down and everyone is prepping for '09, what better way is there to finalize everything than with a great gift? Well if you're having trouble deciding what to get a lover, boss, parent, child, etc for the holidays there's no need for irrelevant Google searches because here it is: In A Frozen Sea. I won't do the product description justice, so here it is plain and simple from insound.

VINYL FORMAT. The vinyl LP collector's set of In a Frozen Sea is the ultimate collectible for any Sigur Ros fan. Encased in a hard cover album, this deluxe version contains a re-pressing of three classic Sigur Ros albums: Agaetis Byrjun, ( ), and Takk. Also included in this set is Smaskifa, which has never before been released in a 12" vinyl format. These LPs (7 pieces of vinyl total) come encased in a hard cover book and slip into seven customized vinyl sleeves. This collector's set is limited to 5000 units and includes the classic publication. Each of these units is individually numbered and foil-stamped, signifying its authenticity.

Purchase here for a recession price of $209.99.


No Age No Pay

Shockhound has put together a series of free shows all over in Chicago (TONIGHT), Los Angeles (December 2) and San Francisco (December 4) with No Age and Titus Andronicus. YOU CAN GET YOUR FREE TICKETS RIGHT HERE!

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Show Picks of the Week (LA)

Everest with The Henry Clay People, Nico Stai and Dazzler (formerly Totally Radd who are still totally rad) at the Echoplex only $5

Abe Vigoda with Love is All, Vivian Girls and Nodzzz at the Smell
(raw vegan food by Crops and Rawbers)

FMLY Presents: El Guincho at the Echo.
Spanish musician Pablo Díaz-Reixa or as Americans know him, el Guincho, is one of the most innovative musicians of today. Utilizing the Roland SP-404 which can be found with Animal Collective, Radiohead, Odd Nosdam, J Dilla, Madlib and Flying Lotus to name a few, Reixa creates primitive rhythms complemented by ghostly repetitive harmonies and timeless pop-infused melodies. Following the release of Folias he appeared in the US to play CMJ '07 and after taking the week by storm his March '08 release (in New Zealand and Australia) of Alegranza! was met by a critical wave of raving and praising. Compared more often than not to Panda Bear of Animal Collective, el Guincho has created a name for himself in the American market as evident by his recent deal with the Beggars Group.
-Noah (of FMLY)

But before you head over to the Echo, check out Jack Littman's show at the Knitting Factory where I will be playing bass. It's an early show so we can make 'em both. Treat yourself to a sweat serenade and then come get massed up with us and dance your ass off to El Guincho.

Of Montreal and HEALTH at the Palladium (way worth the $18.50)

Monday, November 17, 2008

What A Week, NYC

As if seeing Little Joy at The Virgin Store and then Zomes, Fursaxa and Brightblack Morning Light (all of whom rocked my world) at Le Poisson Rouge tonight wasn't enough; this is one fucking great week for live music! Tomorrow, well I guess tonight, you can catch Zach Hill (Hella/Marnie Stern/Team Sleep/The Ladies), Subtle and recent FMLY favs Pattern Is Movement at The Knitting Factory. If you're already planning on going and want to know about the mentioned 'Peer Pressure' is that is listed to play with Zach, you may want to read his explanation.


Tomorrow night's awesome guest chillin' with Zach on stage will be Marco Benevento who is a brilliant keyboardist whether you want to hear some circuit bending, post-jazz or anything in between. If not for the already guaranteed night of incredible music, come to say bye to Subtle as the collective have announced that they're going on hiatus from this project.

For further anticon happenings, the collective has just released the flyer for their Third Annual Ten Year Anniversary. This year's party will bring you Themselves (doseone & jel), Yoni Wolf aka Why?, Odd Nosdam + Jel, Sole, Alias, Buck 65, pedestrian + DJ Thanksgiving Brown. This incredible night is December 18 at The Knitting Factory and you can buy tickets here.

On Thursday PopGun Booking has a great event at Glasslands. DJ Kid Color will be on deck with music supplied by Anamanaguchi, The French Horn Rebellion and Savoir Adore.

Friday brings us the best way to end the week - Stars of the Lid, Hammock and Jocelyn Bonadio at Le Poisson Rouge. Purchase tickets here.

If you're in the mood for a much cheaper week then you can see Peter & the Wolf multiple times. Tonight Red will be at The Studio at Webster Hall, Wednesday he'll be at Union Hall and Saturday he'll be at The Silent Barn. Chances are he'll be playing house parties in Brooklyn each night which will lead into next week perfectly with a Brooklyn house show by none other than Pat the Bunny aka Wingnut Dishwasher's Union. Head over to the Peter and the Wolf MySpace for ALL NEW MUSIC from his new record including a completely redone version of "Safe Travels." You can also purchase the record [pictured above] once you're there. is being gracious and giving away Shepard Fairey designed Obama victory stickers [pictured above]. Head over here and get yours.

Now I couldn't send you off to bed or work or school without some jammin' tunes to listen to for the day so here's a little somthing special. Odd Nosdam recently posted some beats to download for free, he made them 2002-2003 and has attached the title CIRCUS faux PREZ beats!. He also posted a sweet mixtape, get 'em both below.

Odd Nosdam - CIRCUS faux PREZ beats! [via sendspace]
Odd Nosdam - Mixtape Super Delux [via sendspace]

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Sunday, November 16, 2008


I just came upon this site while looking up the sheep to human ratio in Iceland. If you're curious, there are twice as many sheep as there are people. Anyways, difusor covers a great selection of graffiti artists in the Barcelona area as well as hosts galleries and such. If you're in that area anytime soon drop these guys a line and I'm sure they'll show you a great time.

J Dilla - Anti-American Graffiti

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Koalacaust at The Smell

[i could be wrong, but i think this is FMLY's Backyard Extravaganza]

If you're unfamiliar with Koalacaust then no worries, we're about to settle this. Aside from having one of the greatest names in band history, Koalacaust are also some of the greatest guys in band history - Elliot Babin, I'm talkin' about you buddy! The first time I saw the band was also the first time I had heard them, which fortunately for me was when they opened for Paul Baribeau in Elliot's garage over summer. Playing a slew of garage shows and then going on a mini-tour with Baribeau it's about time the boys hit up The Smell to see what's good. You can catch them in downtown January 2 with Apple Orange, Black Black, C-Drip with Elliot Babin and Lola Dompe on drums (supergroup!), Insects Versus Robots and Tit Tit Pip. This is not a show to be missed so RSVP via fbook here and get some invaluable MySpace links. Check the band out live from Elliot's garage below.

And check out several related&relevant bands here: Duke Nukem Forever, Paul Baribeau, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Mischief Brew, Wingnut Dishwashers Union.

Koalacaust - Pg. 1

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This Commercial is Soooooo Gay

Good job Hilary Duff. You stopped discrimination.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fear & Loathing in Hunts Vegas

Those who have had the pleasure of riding in my car over the past few years have experienced the magic of hip-hop through the majesty of Paper Route Gangstaz (PRGz). Well the day for this long awaited mixtape to drop is upon us, on November 18 pay what you want and get what I'm putting my money down as the best hip-hop record of the year along The Cool Kids' Bake Sale, Q-Tip's The Renaissance and if you want to get super snobby then I'll throw in Tobacco's Fucked Up Friends and Why?'s Alopecia (although I think I just overdid it). But you know, after seeing Beyonce on SNL tonight with two drummers and a breakdown, who knows... Get your download code here, it's two minutes of your time well spent - thanks Diplo!

PRGz - Looking Good

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Brightblack Morning Light Tickets


It pleases me so much to be able to announce that FMLY has five more pairs of Brightblack Morning Light tickets from Le Poisson Rouge to give to you. This has been a band I've been wanting to work with for such a long time and until they're playing a FMLY party -cross your fingers '09 - this is just as sweet. Send me an email at with your full name and what your favorite type of light is, feel free to go all Bob Irwin on me.

Additonally: I was involved in a hit and run with a New York City Yellow Taxi that has left me with some pretty steep hospital, dental and medical bills. If anyone knows who I can contact regarding pain and suffering as well as a group which will cover these expenses I'd be grateful, you can just send me an email and I'll hook you up with something in the future. Thanks so much. If you want to check out a picture of what I look like post-accident, here ya go. Hopefully I wasn't this ogre-ish looking beforehand.


No Bond for Old Men, Bondchella, Bondgina, Bond Age

"Thanks to those of you who commented with your suggestions for maps. I've got a couple of new speculative places in the works. We've now got quite a few untested maps. But the big news...

We will be running two brand new maps scouted by Jeff Mahachai. They are going to be pretty fucking badass if you ask me. I'm pretty excited to say the least. Take a look.

Middleschool Madness

We're starting at the corner of Woodbine and Glendon. There should be plenty of streetparking anywhere across the street from Palms Middle on Woodbine. We'll end in a docking bay behind the Vons, regroup, then walk across the street to the next map.

The Overpass (aka : The Dark Railroad)

This map should promise to be intensely atmospheric to say the least.

That'll do it for now kiddos. If you're new to this, or are bringing someone new, make sure they read the rules. Thanks.

See you on the streets." [caseysgay]


"BOND is an extremely intense, adrenaline pumping, action packed, fright filled take on the classic kids game “hide n seek”. The group of players starts at a predetermined meeting point. The objective is for the runners to get from Point A to Point B under the time limit, without being tagged. Heres the twist... the chasers are driving cars.

Each car starts with a pair of chasers; the driver and the passenger. The drivers function is obvious, use the cars speed to easily chase down the runners. The passenger's duty is to hop out and tag them. When you are tagged, you get into the car and become a chaser as well. If the chaser car is good, pretty soon it will be filled to capacity. The next person they see is gonna be chased down by 5 people at a time.

It gets intense. As a runner, you've got to cover about a mile of ground. As you will see on the maps, were playing in mostly residential neighborhoods. Everything is fair game except backyards and hopping fences. Its only fun if the cars have a chance to spot you. Basically, stay on the roads.

Thats pretty much the gist of it. The rules will be covered extensively on the night of the run. Theres only one major rule everyone needs to know before hand.


This should be obvious as there is a heavy and required element of driving involved in the game. We have been hassled by the cops before, but since no one was drinking, they actually let us continue playing. The game itself arouses suspicion in home-owners as well (30 kids running around in black ninja masks, being rundown by screeching tires... cmon). Theres a good chance people may even call the cops. Plus, were talking about everyones safety here.

Thanks for reading. Best be assured, this game is fucking intense. You'll be sweating pure adrenaline." [via]

"Feel free to invite any to all of your friends. We want a big turn out for this one." [via]

RSVP via fbook here and keep updated here. Here are photos from the previous run.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Prop 8 Rallies

A message from the Courage Campaign:
"In 2000, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a best-selling book exploring how small events can catalyze seismic shifts in culture. Eight years later, you can participate in what could be one of the most profound "tipping points" in American political history.

On Saturday morning, at the exact same time across the country, thousands of people will march, rally and protest the passage of Prop 8.

Incredibly, this volunteer-run national event was not organized by a well-known institution or coalition of organizations. It was sparked just a few days ago by Amy Balliett, a Seattle woman who turned a blog post about protesting Prop 8 into "Join the Impact," a bottom-up internet phenomenon attracting tens of thousands of people.

Will you join this unprecedented national protest against Prop 8 and march for marriage equality on Saturday morning? Please click here to find "Join the Impact" rally locations at City Halls across California and then let us know if you're going to be there at 10:30 a.m. PT:

Noble Beast

Andrew Bird has been a favorite artist of mine for a while now. Over the years his albums have progressed and become more refined. His name album Noble Beast is no exception. With gypsy folk seemingly in the past, Andrew Bird has turned to a dreamy journey often times reminding me of driving through endless crop fields. This is probably his most accessible record to date while still keeping his trade mark whistling and having the violin follow vocals. Each album brings us closer to symphonic heaven. Noble Beast comes out January 27th.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Funk It Up

When I was growing up my dad always told me that at a party if you put on some funk, everybody is happy. I've always remembered this advice and it's always worked for me. If people aren't digging the music you are playing, throw on some James Brown and everyone will dance. I've often wondered though why there aren't a ton of funk bands now. Everyone loves it and it's fun to play. Sure I have my undying love for Erykah Badu but where is my LA funk! Finally, a couple weeks ago, I found my LA based funk fix through Itai Shapira of The Elevaters who also happens to be one of the founding members of the band. Babystone is the creation of Itai Shapira and Novena Carmel who is the daughter of funk legend Sly Stone. Apparently funk is hereditary because Novena Carmel has got the funk. With a tight band full of pushing horns, slapping bass, beautiful vocals, and soul filled drumming I can only hope that Babystone is the start of a new funky revolution.

You can catch Babystone tomorrow night at the Mint

Ask Me feat. Sly Stone - Babystone

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Wild Style 25th Anniversary Party

So it's a Thursday night and you want to get your pre-weekend party started right, right? Well luckily it's the 25th anniversary of a very special film, Wild Style, and to celebrate Todd P is throwing one viscous party with director Charlie Ahearn and his brother Joe at the Danbro Brewery Warehouse. Features from the film will be there in the flesh as well as modern day torch bearers. Curated by the Ahearn's expect to see Spank Rock, Busy Bee, Grand Master Caz, Grand Wizard Theodore, Double Trouble, the Rub djs plus surprise guests. For more information please visit Danbro here or Todd P here.

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