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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Future Declaration

There's no need for repetition as we all witnessed history tonight. The streets of New York are flooded, cars are honking and the pedestrians are cheering and screaming. Congratulations America.

An album which I've been looking forward to came out today and that is Little Joy's self-titled debut which was recorded in Echo Park, Los Angeles by the elegant Noah Georgeson. If you're searching for an easy hook on the band, everyone's favorite Strokes' member Fabriozio Moretti can be found on just about every instrument along with the infinitely talented Binki Shapiro and Rodrigo Amarante. The production quality is familiar to that of Vampire Weekend's (production, NOT music) self-titled debut earlier this year and the sound is great to fit into a mixtape with Seu Jorge - although I hope we don't have a case of the hype-it-till-it-dies bug on our hands. It's so difficult to choose which song to share, so here's two.

Little Joy - Brand New Start [via the modern way]*
Little Joy - Keep Me In Mind [via little radio]*

*i'm having a problem uploading music, thanks to these guys for helping out.

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