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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


"you already know, oh no ninjasonik with the k not the c all day every day"

Some of the most energetic, unpredictable, sexual, incredible, etc shows I've ever been to have been nights that Ninjasonik and BFF'z Japanther have lit up the stage together. Unfortunately these shows have only happened in New York and its been a bummer to not take this one-of-a-kind magical experience back home to Los Angeles. Well, fuck that setback because it has been done! FMLY is presenting you with one night and one night only of DO-WHATEVER-THE-FUCK-YOU-WANNA-DO-AND-BE-WHOEVER-THE-FUCK-YOU-WANNA-BE, a night of debauchery, booty-beats and dancing with Ninjasonik, Japanther, Funeral Party, Blackblack and some more treats to be announced soon. This goes down December 6 in Downtown and if that's an inconvenient location for you then you can just stop reading this blog right now because I will personally pay you back out of my pocket if this is not one of the best show experiences you've ever had at night's end (please don't be a jackass and throw this into a realm of Radiohead or Deerhunter). Make sure to pick up a "Somebody's Gonna Get Pregnant" shirt while you're there! The party goes down at Enjoy Human in Downtown LA, 2323 Porter St. $10 at the door and $5 with RSVP to Fbook event here.

Don't forget to RSVP to get $5 off the door. Email

If you're a long time member of the FMLY then I'm sure you've caught this, but for those of you who have recently joined us I interviewed Teenwolf and Rev McFly of Ninjasonik earlier this year for the iheartcomix blog. It began as a morning of chillin' and then some 40z, blunts and a dozen Sparks later we had ourselves an interview which I'm pumped to say is one of the first links to come up when you google Ninjasonik. Tight [pants]!

Ninjasonik - Art School Girls
Ninjasonik - Shoot The Lazer (Snakes Say Hiss remix)
Japanther - Challenge
Japanther - River Phoenix

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