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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MTVu Woodie Awards In Review

[Mark Hoppus of blink-182 and +44]

Between Lykke Li and Q-Tip performing "Can I Kick It," Vampire Weekend and Chromeo jamming, one of the All-American Rejects grabbing me, yelling "smoke weed every day" at Paramore, saying waddup to Mikey from The Cool Kids and Kid Sister throwing me the heart with her hands I couldn't tell you what the best part or the worst part of the Woodie awards were...well actually the worst part was All Time Low, now I know where they got their name. Spank Rock made an appearance again this year performing with Santogold as opposed to last year's Spank Rock performance featuring Santogold. The night wasn't filled with too many surprises, but was filled with lots of Paramore (yuck!), girls in love with the "scene" and too many unnattractive acts of PDA to count. I never know quite how to describe my time at the awards with its mixed audience and genres that I can't agree nor disagree with, so I'll leave it at this. You can't rock it, but you can't knock it. For an MTV event I guess you've gotta give props, I'm just glad that they let Spank Rock back in after the mayhem he caused last year. You can catch the show on November 19 and find out who won best Woodie, coughParamorecough.

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