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Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Talkdemonic

In light of Talkdemonic's September release of Eyes At Half Mast, which we've been bumpin' for a better portion of the year, the Portland duo has released a video for the track "Duality of Deathening." For those either interested in string and drum arrangements, cyborg societies or maybe even both - here's a video specially for you.

Talkdemonic also made a recent appearance on Daytrotter and unveiled a new track, "CSJ9."
"This is a brand new song that was written right before we left for tour and is kind of a departure for us on some levels. The drums are all covered by t-shirts and towels so they sound somewhat muted, inspired by dead 70’s muted drum sounds a la Neil Young’s “On the Beach” which opens up more space for the viola to float over everything."

Check out the sesh right here.

Talkdemonic - Ending the Orange Glow


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