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Monday, November 10, 2008

News From Banjo or Freakout

From Spin to RCRD LBL and now handmade CDs for cheap, London's resident cover master Alessio Natalizia aka Banjo or Freakout is living an independent musician's fantasy. Having made the amount of consistently unrecognizable, ethereal and beautiful music it would take a stubborn existence not to fall in love with Natalizia's composition. RCRD LBL has an exclusive track up for download, "72 (Everything Fast)" which you can download here as well as "Mr. No." With no outlet for the 20 covers made over the past year, including Battles, Amy Winehouse, Burial, Radiohead, Vampire Weekend, Natalizia has just announced:
"After I accomplished my mission to record 20 covers I've decided to put them on a CD but then I realized they were too many to fit in just one cd so I've decided to do some (11 tracks including Archangel, All I Need, Cable Dazed, Atlas, back to Black, Cape Cod...) here and some on another CD later.
So, here're they are. Limited to 150 copies, handmade spraypainted freakout artwork.
Get in touch if you fancy one. They are £5 each.
I highly suggest getting one. You can also check out his mention in Spin mag here.


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