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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Previously On Lost...

"i once was found, but now i'm lost and all my friends are dead..."

If you're into Harry and the Potters, or I guess Lost the TV show - not that the two are related - then make sure to check out Brooklyn's Previously On Lost.

Previously on Lost claim to be the world's only "recap rock" band, who spent the first half of 2008 writing a song for every episode of ABC's island mystery series' fourth season -- you know, in case you missed it. And if you're jonesing for Season 4 to be released on DVD (Dec. 4) maybe seeing the whole shebang performed live will hold you over. The "Live Experience" features props and such -- I'm curious if they'll have a live smoke monster. A couple of Previously On Lost videos are here. [via]

To dig deeper, POL are two guys, Jeff and Adam. Adam hosts the respectable and successful Zombieville while Jeff and his roommate Juan have an internet show that you may have seen on Pitchfork TV called Juan's Basement. Juan also play's electric guitar and bass on POL tracks. I'll be seeing Anamanaguchi, Savoir Adore and Kid Color on Thursday at Glasslands but I urge everyone with no plans to check POL out at The Bell House that night.

Check out Zombieville on Myspace here, Previously On Lost here and Jeff's space ballet, Champollion, here.


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