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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rock Paper Noah23

"this whole new album is my crossover sellout album"

Like Gym Class Heroes releasing The Papercut Chronicles, Noah23 is a unique voice in hip hop at a crucial point - the crossover sellout album - but what does this mean? Lucky for Noah23 aka the Guelph oracle aka Captain Clark aka Fuzzylogic aka Fulleffect this means more fans and with the coming of 2012, possibly a more enlightened planet to appreciate these tunes. The Ontario native's latest record, Rock Paper Scissors, dropped on September 23 via his own label, Plague Language, and although it hasn't received nearly as much press as it should the album has successfully turned heads. Bringing together spot-on cultural references, quick beats and a smooth, warm aesthetic, Noah23 has delivered a very sharp underground hip-hop record that Canada can be damn proud of (along with the rest of his work, notably Quicksand). Nearly an entire album of guest spots ranging from Cadence Weapon to Jim Guthrie I am very enthusiastic in recommending this album, and keep an ear out for a Matrix sample. Check out Noah23's MySpace here.

Noah23 - Faded (feat Ceschi)
Noah23 - Black Ball (feat Tykus and Wordburglar)


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