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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Snow In LA

Who says you've gotta wear a Dodger's hat to represent your hometown! Send 'em our way and we'll sit them down and teach them a thing or two about rocking the L.A. greatness on our iPods, on our bills and in our hearts. Coming up very soon is an event that we couldn't be more proud to have become a part of, Snow In LA! Now we've dropped some info here and there concerning the show but finally it's time to announce and get everyone psyched. Snow In LA, following suit of Fuck Yeah Fest, Sunset Junction and dozens of other great festivals throughout the year is a brand new all ages music festival. Think of it as a pre-game to Christmas and New Years, a celebration of Channukah and Kwanzaa or just a day of great music, and we want to get you all involved! For the inaugural fest and with the help of our buds at Ghettogloss and The Tape we present you Daedelus, Busdriver, The Mae Shi, Rumspringa, Entrance Band, Fool's Gold and Haim. All L.A. all the time baby, let's do our city proud! This all goes down at The Echoplex on December 21 so start picking out what you're gonna wear, there are gonna be some hotties in town from school for this one.



The Mae Shi


Entrance Band

Fool's Gold

Download: Throwing It All Away - Haim

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