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Sunday, November 9, 2008

'Tis The Season of Dub

As the weather gets colder and the skies go grayer music points to an epic and dark climax, dubstep. As much as I love dubstep year round there's nothing quite like walking in a brisk night with a pair of dank headphones blasting Burial or any of Skream's fantastic mixtapes. A big thanks to Bare Files for hosting so many records and mixes - just follow this link to a South London lover's anthology of exactly 2,951 mixes made by the likes of Kode9, Plastician, Skream and every other innovator of the genre. If you like what you hear then head over to Bare Dubs and purchase some great vinyl. Here's a pretty historic moment in Dubstep:

Radio 1 - Breezeblock - Kode9 Presents Burial 04-Apr-2006

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