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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Will Wiesenfeld, [Post-foetus], Geotic

[Post-foetus] is a regular name on the blog, so I couldn't be more thrilled to announce what has been happening from the camp of Will Wiesenfeld. After taking some time off to complete The Fabric and go balls out with Nephews, Will has come back in full force via Youtube, Geotic and iTunes. If there has been more recent activity that I've missed please leave that information as a comment.

First up is "Gentle Breeze," under the moniker Geotic.
Will says, "An hour-long track to help you fall asleep, relax,
or whatever else it is you like to do when you listen to this type of stuff.
Geotic - Gentle Breeze (via rapidshare)

The Fabric is now available on iTunes. Purchase, review, tell your friends about it and talk about it on your own blog!

You can watch Will creating beauty and setting standards via Youtube.

Finally, [Post-foetus] is coming at us as a full live band featuring Luke Silas (Anamanguchi, Nephews, Dracula Mountain, Yes Means No, The Histories, etc), Mario Luna (Meals for Children, Nephews, The Histories, etc), John Wiesenfeld, Georgia Lill, Jane Kilcullen and of course, Will Wiesenfeld.

I apologize for this mess of a post, have a nice weekend and to echo Cameron, please vote on Tuesday.

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