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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sly Stone in Santa Monica

It was truly a Family Affair last Sunday night at Zanzibar in Santa Monica. Arriving to the club on a three wheeled extended Harley, Sly Stone stepped on to the stage with his youngest daughter, Novena Carmel, of BabyStone. Even his sister Rose Stone, who still with a powerful voice, joined on stage for one song.
It was amazing to see the legend in funk-- Sly Stone-- in such a small club. Sly seemed very frail and needed help to complete his songs. The enthusiastic crowd gladly picked up when Sly stepped aside. He would stop singing, smile reassuringly and say to the crowd--"You know the words...". They did. The crowd sang You Gonna Take Me Higher pointing high in the air, bouncing up and down off the floor and the bass kept the beat going as Sly appeared and disappeared from the stage. Novena, small but spunky, kept the band going and carried on the show with covering for her father's limitations. When he did appear his eyes sparkled and his spirit shown through-- still the self proclaimed boss of the band-- but clearly ready to step aside and let others take up the night. Then the "Sly Search" part of the show began...
Three people were selected from the audience to sing an original lick and during the break Sly wrote music for each riff. Each singer joined him on stage to sing with his arrangements-- which he had set on his mac. Imagine singing with Sly Stone on a Sunday night. He seemed to beam with delight just as his fans did. He announced that he would use one of these lyrics on his next album.
The mixed race crowd, young and old --some like me--still treasuring the memory of purchasing the 1973's album Fresh-- rejoiced in coming together in these new times. During each break people shouted out "Obama!". When Sly first hit the scene along with a new black power and civil rights movement-- no one had imagined a black president. Sly sang about that racial divide and brought people together with Everyday People. When everyone is dancing and smiling as people did years ago, and last night-- all races become one.
Although it was wonderful to see a legend up close-- I am glad to hear that a new generation of funk bands have started playing in L.A. caring on the family affairs and down to earth funk to the next generation.

--Somebody's Mother

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Los Angeles: New Years Eve

Don't know what to do for New Years in Los Angeles? Not like anything will top our '08 party with The Histories, Nephews, [Post-foetus] and Your Majesty, but here are several options.

In addition to these, there will also be a Travis and DJ AM show, the first since their plane crash. If you missed Mark Hoppus' blog post on his site,, he let fans know that he, Travis and Tom have hung out for the first time since Feb '05 and buried the hatchet. Leaving an air of possibility for a reunion, Mark mentioned that the idea has not been brought up so there is no way to tell. Unfortunately when blatantly asked by paparazzi in Calabasas, Travis said "no." When I spoke to Tom last October at the MTVu Woodie Awards he told me that Blink didn't know what they were doing, they were immature and he even went as far as to tell me never to listen to them again. When Mark appeared at the MTVu Woodie Awards he casually brought up Blink as if they were still around. Who long as they're hanging out I'm happy.

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Geotic Winter Loops EP

Will Wiesenfeld ([Post-foetus], Nephews, Geotic) has posted a new EP of Winter Loops under his Geotic moniker. Clocking in around 14minutes, all loops were created Christmas day. You can also find the EP on the Geotic facebook group.

Geotic - Winter 15.4MB

Also, don't forget to download Geotic's first full-length, Eyes.

Geotic - 50MB

Both of these releases are outstanding. There has been a noticeable difference in Will's music since he acquired his Akai somethingthousandsomethinghundred, but loops of rich memories and a knowledge of story telling have left that underlying and inexpressible feeling intact. I am a huge fan of Will's and could not recommend these enough, plus they're free!

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Zomes is a new solo project by Asa Osborne (Lungfish, The Pupils, Tear Jerks). A lot of people don’t know this but Asa punched Keith Levine in the face a few years ago and uses one of Levine’s teeth as a pick on this album that straddles the valley between Seesselberg and library music…

Zomes is the new solo project of Lungfish guitarist Asa Osborne, who for this debut album strings together a number of misshapen lo-fi loops and miniatures across an album that references Vincent Gallo-style rundown melancholy, stargazing kraut rock, and a selection of organ-driven passages that bring to mind a miniaturised Religious Knives. Osborne is at his best on pieces like ‘Night Signs’, a beautiful, hiss-coated guitar phrase, repeated in a sombre, ambiguous fashion over a couple of minutes. It makes no associations or attempts at narrative, but there’s undoubtedly something quite moving embedded within its diminutive frame. Elsewhere Osborne gets rocking a little harder, marrying overdriven chord sequences with rowdy, furniture bashing beats on the likes of ‘Crowning Orbs’ and the progged up ‘All Together’.

I saw Zomes open for Brightblack Morning Light as a three-piece last month and was left completely speechless. This year's self-titled release combines the diverse texture of Black Moth Super Rainbow with the repetition of Boards of Canada in a sound quality that could have been captured by anyone's bedroom. Osborne has put out a very surprising album, sounding radically different yet incredibly related to his work in Baltimore's "prog-punk" veterans, Lungfish. Sixteen hypnotic jams of emotional underscoring have made Zomes one of my favorite albums of the year. If you find yourself interested, please check out Religious Knives and Expo '70.

Purchase Zomes here

Zomes - Night Signs
more downloadable tracks


Nike Went Back To The Future

Nearing 2015, as made culturally significant by Back to the Future 2, will we begin to see similarities to the film in our own lives? Probably not, but at least Nike hooked us up with 350pairs of the Nike Hyperdunk McFly winning FMLY's clothing accessory of the year.

Over Summer, Santa Monica's Undftd (located next to the American Apparel on Main Street) became the place to be for the footwear elite. According to a Nike press release the shoe was designed specifically for athletes in the Beijing Olympics. Anyways, Kobe showed up in a Dolorean and signed some shoes, met some fans and hopefully kept his hands to himself.

peep the sneaks

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Black Lips "Starting Over"

A good friend of mine over at Vice designed the cover art for the new Black Lips CD, 200 Million Thousand, due out February 24. I don't have an image of it, but I do have a song off the album for ya. If not for the obvious difference in production, "Starting Over" could be a Good Bad Not Evil b-side. I'm feelin' the track, but I'm hoping that BL take their energy-driven spirit further. The last 30 seconds of the track give me great hope, maybe a dash Liars-esque?

Black Lips - Starting Over

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Apple Orange Next Week

Bringing his soulful brand of folk back home is Los Angeles' own Apple Orange. Tim will be playing two shows in the next week; the first being with FMLY FRNDs Koalacaust and Blackblack at The Smell and the second out in nature the day after! Highly recommended. I've also got to mention the conflict of January 2 - great show at the Smell, but Jack Littman just impresses the hell out of me. Your call.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating, I'm personally playing PS3, baking brownies and jamming with some friends. I thought I'd drop a video and some songs to brighten your day, so here's a video with Dave Hill and Little Michael Jackson called "Seasonal Unemployment."

The Waitresses' "Christmas Wrapping" was my favorite Christmas tune growing up. I'd wait all day long listening to KROQ just to hear it, so here ya go - much more convenient.
The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping

And if you rolled out of bed, saw the sunlight and forgot what time of year it was, this one is for you.
Thanksgiving - Year, Seasons


Dutch Christmas

Here is how the Dutch celebrate Christmas as told by David Sadaris

Merry Christmas

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Sly Stone in Santa Monica

You read right. The legendary Sly Stone will be playing this Sunday in Santa Monica at Zanzibar and tickets are really reasonable. You can get them presale here for $15 or you can try your luck at the door for $10 before 10 pm and $20 after.

Who says nothing good happens on the westside?!

"'Change' has many meanings these days, and on this night, in addition to the cover charge, you must bring a handful of CHANGE to get in. Your change will be donated to Reading To Kids, a Los Angeles non-profit, making a CHANGE by inspiring underserved children with a love of reading, thereby enriching their lives and opportunities for future success!"

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Highlights of 2008

The end of the calendar year has reached us and it's time for FMLY's Best of '08 to be revealed. For the past few weeks I've kept lists, re-written them, created categories and I'm STILL sure that I've left albums out that deserve to be here. However, as of now, here is the Best of '08, FMLY edition.

Worst Album of the Year, So Bad It Shouldn't Even Deserve A Category
01. Steve Aoki - Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles

Favorite Live Sessions
06. Grizzly Bear - Live On KCRW
05. Meals for Children - Live On FMLY Radio
04. Avey Tare, Deakin, Kria Brekkan - Live At Glasslands
03. Animal Collective - Live At Pitchfork
02. Wingnut Dishwasher's Union - Live In Plattsburgh, NY
01. Nephews - Live On FMLY Radio

Some Favorite Live Performances
20. Les Savy Fav @ Coachella
19. Rumspringa (w/ Ninjasonik) @ FMLY's Breakfast of Champions
18. Nephews @ Milo Ward's, Sprawl Benefit
17. Pattern is Movement @ Piano's
16. Health @ El Rey
15. Dan Deacon's Ultimate Reality @ El Rey
14. Unicorn Dream Attack @ Blip Fest
13. Ninjasonik and Japanther @ Alphabeta
12. Lucky Dragons @ Whitney Biennial
11. Zomes, Fursaxa, Brightblack Morning Light @ (le) Poisson Rouge
10. Department of Eagles @ The Bell House
09. Lemonade, el Guincho @ (le) Poisson Rouge
08. Koalacaust @ Culver Veteran's Park Bleachers
07. Yoni Wolf @ anticon.'s third annual ten year anniversary
06. Anamanaguchi @ Blip Fest
05. Line C3, ARP, Kieran Hebden (Four Tet) & Steve Reid @ (le) Poisson Rouge
04. Why? @ Bowery Ballroom
03. Paul Baribeau @ Elliot Babin's Garage
02. cLOUDDEAD @ anticon.'s third annual ten year anniversary
01. Jack JohnsonAnimal Collective @ Coachella

worth mentioning: Best Friends Forever and Muggabears were awesome live

Favorite Commercial Appearances
03. Cool Kids - Rhapsody on TiVo
02. Dan Deacon - Crayola
01. Spank Rock - Wishbone Salad Dressing

Favorite Label/Collective/People
05. 8bitpeoples
04. Paw Tracks
03. Plan-It-X
02. Marriage
01. anticon.

Favorite NY Venues
05. The Bell House
04. Glasslands
03. Todd P & Interns & Friends Affiliated Venues
02. The Cake Shop (downstairs)
01. (le) Poisson Rouge

Best High Movies (i probably only saw like, 10 movies this year)
05. Cloverfield
04. Tropic Thunder
03. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
02. Pineapple Express
01. Jumper

Couple of the Year
02. Devendra Banhart and Natalie Portman (RIP to that)
01. Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg

Favorite Albums
35. Subtle - Exiting Arm
34. Yo Gabba Gabba! - s/t
33. Slaraffenland - Sunshine EP
32. Brightblack Morning Light - Motion to Rejoin
31. Zach Hill - Astrological Straits
30. Flying Lotus - Los Angeles
29. Wavves - s/t
28. Noah23 - Rock Paper Scissors
27. Daedelus - Love To Make Music To
26. Ninjasonik - All Our Friends Are In Bands
25. Grouper - Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill
24. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
23. Air France - No Way Down
22. No Age - Nouns
21. The Field - The Sound of Light EP
20. Ratatat - LP3
19. cloud. - Pimp Steak
18. Zomes - s/t
17. High Places - s/t
16. Beach House - Devotion
15. Fuck Buttons - Street Horrrsing
14. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Only God Can Judge Me
13. Rafter - Sex, Death, Cassette
12. Ponytail - Ice Cream Spiritual
11. Department of Eagles - In Ear Park
10. TV on the Radio - Dear Science,
09. Hot Chip - Made In The Dark
08. Dosh - Wolves and Wishes
07. Lucky Dragons - Dream Island Laughing Language
06. Okay - Huggable Dust
05. The Octopus Project - Hello, Avalanche
04. Animal Collective - Water Curses EP
03. Deerhunter - Microcastle
02. Tobacco - Fucked Up Friends
01. Death Cab for Cutie - Narrow Stairs ha, just kidding
01. Why? - Alopecia

Very deserving to be among this list is Geotic / [Post-foetus], I have not been back to Los Angeles to purchase my copy of The Fabric but when I'm there in Jan it's on my to-do list. Also, Black Moth Super Rainbow's Drippers EP and Drippers were awesome, but not qualified for this list as they were collections of older music. Technically el Guincho's Alegranza came out last year as well. And as far as No Age, well Nouns was fuckin' fantastic, but didn't leave the impact on me that Weirdo Rippers did. If you'd like to see Girl Talk's Feed The Animals on that list then go ahead and throw it in.

Have a Happy Christmas and a Merry Channukah, enjoy the holidays and go see Yo La Tengo if you're in NY or Jersey. 2008 has been an incredible year for both Cameron and I and we couldn't have done it without you guys. If you came to a show, bookmarked this blog, downloaded a song, supported one of our friend's bands or even if this is your first time here - thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love FMLY and are so excited to share our plans for 2009. Don't forget, it's never too late to get involved! We're still looking for bloggers and pals to help out at shows. I'll be in New York for another couple of weeks but I'll catch you guys in Los Angeles come January. I'm really interested in hearing what your favorite albums of '08 were so if you feel like sharing then leave a comment or send me an email. Happy Holidaze.

Blink-182 - Happy Holidays, You Bastard
Unicorn Dream Attack - L1ttl3 Drumm3R B0y
Banjo or Freakout - Silent Night

I'll leave you with a clip from my favorite holiday movie, Silent Night, Deadly Night 2.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Sticky Video

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It's time for FMLY to jump on the Wavves bandwagon. If you haven't heard about Wavves by now then look no further because this post will compile all the information that you need to know.

Wavves is Nathan Williams from San Diego. He likes The Beach Boys, Beat Happening, Crass and the Wipers. He also has a classic rap blog called Ghost Ramp. I began listening to Wavves at the end of Summer, and as Winter has settled into my apt I find myself keeping Wavves on heavy rotation again to keep myself warm. Nathan's fuzzy crust beach-pop makes for excellent atmosphere while you're skating, biking, running or even just hangin' out. FMLY was pumped about the Beach Demon/Weed Demon 7" release a short while back, and now we're even more pumped to hear about a tour coming up in '09! Hit up the WavveSpace to catch some dates and to find out where you can purchase tunes.

Wavves - Lover
Wavves - Vermin

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Bmore Tmorw

For those of you in Baltimore for Christmas and Channukah week, celebrate with Ninjasonik and Spank Rock!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Favorite Songs of 2008

Noah's Favorite 46 Tracks of 2008:
46. Vampire Weekend - Walcott
45. Riskay - Smell Yo Dick (Solly Stanker Pecker edit)
44. Throw Me The Statue - About to Walk
43. Sebastien Tellier - Divine
42. Totally Michael - Casual Satisfaction
41. Usher - Love In This Club
40. Thee Oh Sees - Ghost In The Trees
39. WOMEN - Black Rice
38. Rafter - I Love You Most of All
37. Murs & 9th Wonder - The Intro
Feel good hip-hop from my man Murs. Mm mm good.
36. TV on the Radio - Dancing Choose
35. Syclops - Nelson's Back
34. No Age - Teen Creeps
Sleeper Hold should be here as well.
33. Japanther - Dirge
32. Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire
31. Daedelus - Fair Weather Friends
30. The Octopus Project - Ghost Moves
29. Ratatat - Black Heroes
28. Tape - Moth Wings
27. Department of Eagles - Herring Bone
26. The Field - Night
The best fifteen minute musical experience one can ever hope for.
25. Lucky Dragons - Givers
24. Noah23 - Elephant March
Breakdown at the end.
23. cloud. - How It Is
22. Ninjasonik - Art School Girls
21. The Octopus Project - Truck
Now that I think about it this is definitely in the top5 and Ghost Moves should go here, but it's too late to renumber all of these.

20. Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
Helps me pass the time in airports, can't wait for a legit recording and new album.
19. Grouper - Heavy Water / I'd Rather Be Sleeping

18. The Histories - The Lifespan of House Flies (feat Reid)
I don't think this is supposed to be marked as The Histories, but it makes it easier in my iTunes searching. Maxwell and Reid, unsurprisingly, are an excellent combination.
17. Banjo or Freakout - Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (Vampire Weekend cover)
Abstract pop is the way to my heart
16. Beach House - Wedding Bell
15. Santogold - LES Artistes (XXXChange Remix)
I drove everyone crazy with this one
14. Meals for Children - Frozen Blood
13. Animal Collective - Seal Eyeing
12. Ponytail - Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From an Angel)
I love you too.
11. Sigur Ros - Gobbledigook
Oh, Animal Collective.
10. Beach House - Heart of Chambers
09. Cut Copy - Feel the Love
FMLY Jex Sams, Vol. 1
08. Air France - Collapsing at Your Doorstep
07. Ninjasonik - Negative Thinking (About Tight Pants) 3
"Bitches wanna keep me in the sack like a quarterbag." Need I say more?
06. Animal Collective - Water Curses

05. Beach House - D.A.R.L.I.N.G.
I am in love
04. Nephews - Positive Stack
The Positive Stack recording that I'm referring to is when Nephews played live on FMLY radio. One of the best shows ever.
03. Why? - Simeon's Dilemma
I'm in awe when it comes to Alopecia, but Simeon's Dilemma has just always stood out for me. The second half of the song puts me on air, I could not even count have many times I've biked around the city listening to the final verse. If you listen closely to this video you can hear Cameron singing.

02. Animal Collective - Brother Sport
Brother Sport has been on concert rotation since '07, but not until this year was it fine-tuned. I'm not talking about Brothersport, I'm talking about Brother Sport, the live version. Amazing, inspiring, all I want.
01. Unicorn Dream Attack - b34t1ful 3y3s
UDC came out of left field this year as I had never heard of the Chi-town resident until recently at the Blip Fest. His live set and recordings have all blown me away, but this track has stood out becoming my most listened to track of the year in a matter of a few weeks.

While it has been a thriving year for independent music some songs have stuck out to me personally more than others. Whether it be my musical background, what my friends were listening to or what just put me in the right groove, here are my favorite songs of 2008. Keep in mind that this is by memory and a handwritten list, so I'm absolutely positive that I have left songs off that I meant to put on. There were also an assortment of artists whose music I've collected over the year with no reference as to when the tunes were released. I'd like to give recognition to those artists because they truly deserve to be on this list and were on every mixtape I made for a friend: Uggamugga, Best Friends Forever, Your Heart Breaks, Pieces of Piece, LA Beard Club, Wingnut Dishwasher's Union, Paul Baribeau and others that I'll just write posts on later. My '08 favorites will be posted before Santa makes his way down your chimney.

As far as '09, I'm really looking forward to the new Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective and Beirut material. What were your favorite songs of the year?

edit: I completely forgot to add Deerhunter and Hot Chip. I guess next time around, but I've gotta give mad props to "Nothing Ever Happened" and "One Pure Thought." They would surely be in my top 10. Also, Panda Bear's remix of the Notwist's "Boneless" should be in there.


Make Your Own Brothersport Dance

[this post is not in association with collected animals]

AH, HOW MUCH MORE DIFFICULT COULD IT BE NOT TO LISTEN TO MERRIWEATHER POST PAVILION, IT'S EVERYWHERE! A Youtube sensation has hit the nation following the Geologist-ordered leak of the highly anticipated Merriweather Post Pavilion. Videos are surfacing encouraging the making of your own Brothersport dance, and you know what...if you have the album then go for it! If Brothersport can become an internet sensation and maybe make its way onto Access Hollywood then I'm all for it. I'd just like to know what these kids are tripping out on.

my personal fav

or you can just play Fireworks on the guitar and call it a day
i'm sorry, but i think i love you

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Casino Versus My Heart

I'm always so pumped when my computer teaches me about a new band, independent music technology is becoming something all too easy. This time around, taught me about Casino Versus Japan while I was listening to Boards of Canada. I figured that anything recommended through BoC must be sweet so I did some MySpace sleuthing and have fallen in IDM love. Blending straight beats with haunting and simple melodies the music of CvJ is layered emotionally and texturally. I'm working on a larger post right now so I'm going to have to cut this one short - but I highly recommend looking into more of his tunes. I bought Whole Numbers Play the Basics (Carpark) and ohhhh man.

Casino Versus Japan - Aquarium
Casino Versus Japan - Summer Clip

I'd also like to remind everyone to join our FMLY
username: theFMLY
password: iwantfmly
Isn't it odd that username and password both have eight letters? A little bit too similar to how long Channukah


Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow in LA Giveaway

This Sunday take a night off from being cold and come warm up with some serious dancing at Snow in LA.

We have some tickets to give away for the show so email me at with your favorite Snow in LA band to win.

If you don't win don't forget to buy your tickets here. Come early! The show starts at 5! You don't want to miss Haim.


Where to be Tonight in LA

The good people at Veritas Empire are hosting Chief tonight at the Unknown Theater. If you know, you know you have to be there. I saw Chief during CMJ this past year at Pianos and was completely blown away. The energy of Chief's live performance is hard to compare to. This is a band that is destined for great things.

Did I mention there is free beer?!

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Animal Collective Ask for Leak

Just got of the phone with Brian Weitz [Geologist of Animal Collective]. This was sent out via the bands email earlier this morning:
"it has come to my attention that 2 full length tracks off of our upcoming album, merriweather post pavilion have surfaced online. david, noah, and I please ask that someone assist us and leak all of the remaining tracks on the album.

the album is intended to be heard as a whole, and nothing bothers us more than individual tracks leaking and ruining the the overall album experience

-brian Geologist"

Total Bullshit. Someone actually had the nerve to hack into their e-mail account and send this out. The truth is that AC do not want their album to leak and are trying very hard to avoid the drama around said album that has risen to a fever pitch.

I am not trying to involve myself in AC's business, I am just voicing my own independent opinion.

Back in the 90's when I was first starting to make 4-track tapes I had a game where I would make a fake version of an album I was anticipating. If Pavement's Brighten the Corners were coming out soon, I had to wait till release day to hear it. I would record a set of songs that I would want the Pavement album to sound like. Some of those songs ended up becoming Atlas Sound and Deerhunter songs years later.

My advice to those who are so desperate for AC's album to leak is to pick up instruments and make your own version of what you would want it to sound like. Respect the BANDS wishes and wait till release day. Then you can compare your new songs with theirs. Who knows. Maybe your album will be the one people are wanting to leak next year. -Bradford

Bradford Cox (Deerhunter, Atlas Sound) sent this out earlier today and I really hope that no one listens to Geologist's emotion-fueled email and leaks the album. The folks who have downloaded the tunes obviously don't care about AC's intent and with the leak of the album would only be briefly satisfied until the next Ting Tings album. To the blogosphere, PLEASE DO NOT LEAK MERRIWEATHER POST PAVILION! Real Animal Collective fans are trying not to listen to anything until the band wants us to, you're just teasing us and making it so difficult. With a lot of other bands I wouldn't give a shit, but seriously, respect Animal Collective - they're the only one we've got.

Winter's Love

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anticon. anniversary, cLOUDDEAD reunion

Last night was the celebration of a decade since the recording of the Deep Puddle Dynamics album that officially began anticon., and no one throws a better celebration than a group of close friends. From seven until midnight the respective collective-heads performed 25minute sets of music spanning their entire career; it was wild, it was nostalgic and when it ended some reaallyy thought that the night was over and left. As amazing as the beginning of the night was, nothing is comparable to what happened after a brief intermission. Now I'm a little shaky on my earlier anticon. days, but what we saw for an hour was the collaboration of every artist who performed that night. Deep Puddle Dynamics performed, minus slug, Greenthink may have done a little something, Alias dipped into his older catalog and Buck 65 just tore the night apart with another kickass set. This all was leading up to something very special which took a lot of audience encouragement, and that was the reunion of cLOUDDEAD. However, the reunion didn't last forever and the nourishment a screaming audience was provided with were Ten gems, "The Teen Keen Skip" followed by "Dead Dogs Two." As Odd Nosdam, Doseone and Why? Murder walked offstage there was applause, there was screaming and the woman standing next to me was in tears...this lasted for nearly 20minutes igniting the entire anticon. crew to come back onstage and freestyle to say goodbye. I have no doubt that Youtube videos will surface in the next week.

I also wanted to give some info on Yoni's solo set takin' it back to the old school Why? days. Armed with his Rhodes piano and a chorus of an audience Yoni played some sing-a-long songs off of Alopecia, then introduced us to what he has been working on for his next album and closed with...I honestly don't remember, but it was early, it was beautiful and you all should have been there.

Just for some personal feedback, I love cLOUDDEAD an immeasurable amount and have no words to express what seeing them was like. All I have to offer is that if you were there last night, something very special happened. Stories behind the mysterious group was revealed such as how songs adapted their titles and how certain lyrics came to be. I just want to throw out a huge thank you to anticon., the Knitting Factory and all who attended last night. You all were great, and if you attended and are reading this - I was the asshole yelling for cLOUDDEAD at the end of Odd Nosdam's set. You all laughed at me and said it wouldn't happen but what now muthafuckas!

cLOUDDEAD - The Teen Keen Skip
cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

anticon. anniversary TONIGHT, NYE News From KF

The day is finally upon us, anticon.'s third annual ten year anniversary is TONIGHT. You already know who is playing and you already know where and what time it is, but if you don't then check the flyer at the bottom of the post. I don't want to start any rumors about tonight, but the recipe for cLOUDDEAD will be there and so will the motive to stir the ingredients. Lets groove tonight!
"Oakland musician Why? (aka Yoni Wolf), performed a haunting solo set at the Independent last night. He did a few songs acapella and played his Rhodes for the rest of the set.
The set was great, but nowhere near as long as I would have hoped. Probably around 25 minutes long. Then again, I just really wanted to hear him do a minimal version of Broken Crow again. This was the first Why? show I had seen in quite some time... maybe since the original Hymie's Basement show in Minneapolis (5 or 6 years ago)." [photo and writeup via doc pop]

Congrats to those who won tickets and keep reading for some special surprises soon to be not surprises. Once again, I urge all of our New York readers to come out tonight, not just for anticon., but for the Knitting Factory as well. This is the last two weeks of Manhattan residence for the Knitting Factory, the new year will find the historic venue in Williamsburg. New Year's Eve tickets for Deerhoof, Deer Tick and the celebration of the end of Deercember are now on sale.

"Akron/Family curates New Year's Eve! Featuring performances by Deerhoof, Akron/Family, Dirty Projectors, Deer Tick, Megafaun, tons more & very special surprise guests - a full-club farewell to the Leonard Street Knit!" - Knitting Factory

Three types of tickets are available for their NYE bash, get the rundown from our pals at BV here.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Radiohead Integrity In Question

A craigslist ad was posted today by Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead asking for help in making voting robots to win Los Anjealous' Best LA Concert of 2008 contest.

I say shame on you Radiohead. Shame on you for hating on our national treasure Aziz Ansari and shame on you for trying to cheat this contest. Check out Aziz' blog where I found out about this horrible tragedy.

Don't forget to vote.

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Prop 8: The Musical

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Early Premier

Can't wait till January to see Flight of the Conchords new season? Now you don't have to because today Funny or Die is hosting the first episode. Check it out here.


So I want to talk about a record that came out last year, and that's Greg Ashley's Painted Garden. Some may know Ashley as the creative force behind the Gris Gris and the Mirrors, so with that in mind there's no reason to pass over his solo work. "Partially written in a burnt out ghetto in Oakland, partially written in his remote cabin in Kosse, TX, Painted Garden was completely produced and written by Ashley (except for half of one song, which was co-written by an Oakland chanteuse) and 80% completely played by him as well. This record is an example of a true vision realized, and puts Ashley right up there with the great musical minds of the day" [via]. I keep his tunes on my 'chill vibes' playlist, so you know it's gotta be good. Check him out on MySpace here.

Greg Ashley - Sailing With Bobby

Over the past few months I've become quite fond of Finland's Joose Keskitalo, also a member of Paavoharju. I certainly couldn't tell you what he's singing about, but the sound quality feels very personal. Here's a Youtube vid of Joose playing on his bed.

Joose Keskitalo - Saimaan Rannalla

NY iPod Tax

Well, Hot Chip made the daily news? Just too bad it's not for a positive event.
Gov. Paterson's proposed $121 billion budget hits New Yorkers in their iPods - and nickels-and-dimes them in lots of other places, too.
Trying to close a $15.4 billion budget gap, Paterson called for 88 new fees and a host of other taxes, including an "iPod tax" that taxes the sale of downloaded music and other "digitally delivered entertainment services."

"We're going to have to take some extreme measures," Paterson said Tuesday after unveiling the slash-and-burn budget. [via]

Well I guess since the state doesn't make a whole lot off of students since we're in school and giving our money to private organizations, Paterson has decided to hit us where it hurts - our iPods. Well Mr. Paterson, you're FMLY's terrorist of the day. By adding taxes to our music you're only giving everyone a great fuckin' reason to illegally download tunes which only takes more money away from the state for the increase in bogus lawsuits. Bravo, seriously.

Langerado Tickets On Sale

Death Cab For Cutie • Snoop Dogg • Thievery Corporation (Live) • Slightly Stoopid • Ryan Adams and the Cardinals • Dashboard Confessional • The Pogues • Matisyahu • Flogging Molly • Michael Franti & Spearhead • Broken Social Scene • Cafe Tacuba • Umphrey's McGee • The Disco Biscuits • Robert Randolph & The Family Band • Pepper • The Faint • Cold War Kids • Steel Pulse • Public Enemy • Gym Class Heroes • Tricky • Girl Talk • Chromeo • Mute Math • Bad Brains • Ozomatli • Against Me! • George Clinton & Parliament / Funkadelic • Tortoise • DeVotchKa • Black Kids • Grupo Fantasma • Holy F*ck • Budos Band • Tokyo Police Club • Lotus • The Virgins • The Gaslight Anthem • King Khan and the Shrines • Lucero • Murs • Ra Ra Riot • Tortured Soul • Rebelution • K'Naan • The Egg • Zac Brown Band • Tigercity • The Aggrolites • Cloud Cult • Spam Allstars • Rachel Goodrich • Blue King Brown • The Heavy Pets • Awesome New Republic • The Postmarks • Suenalo • Live Painting by LEBO • Additional Artists to be Announced!


If I go to Eugene Lang does that make me a Langerado? Has anyone else noticed the Bad Brains fever goin' around? I mean, HR has been around forever but suddenly in the past few months he has become iconic. SXSW is changing the world. Although, to be honest these end of the festival year bills are just plain boring. We've seen this lineup in 100 other variations throughout the year - but props for Tortoise, Holy Fuck, George Clinton and Michael Franti. Uh, maybe I won't be seein' you there. C'mon Coachella, give me something to smile about!

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs, New Album and Holiday Cheers

There is no beating the bit of news sweeping the nation at the moment but YYYs have a bit of news of our own to share. NEW RECORD? NEW RECORD!! NEW RECORD IS GETTING CLOSER TO BEING DONE DONE DONE! You still won't be hearing it until 2009 but damn are we close to finishing it and only after a year of writing and recording! Will it sound kind of like Show Your Bones? No, been there done that. What about IS IS? Is that more of the direction it's going in? Absolutely not, it sounds VERY different from last year's EP. Did we go back to our roots and write something closer to Fever to Tell? No looking back now silly, just full speed ahead. WHAT DOES IT SOUND LIKE?? Not much like anything you've heard from us before- DOES IT SOUND LIKE THE YEAH YEAH YEAHS??? YOU BET YOU'RE SWEET ASS IT DOES. Phew, can't wait. We can hardly wait ourselves, we miss all of you and we've been working extra hard on this one with the intention to make you as happy as possible. Just wanted to drop a line to let you in on how quickly we're approaching the finishing line and to GET PSYYYYYYYYYYYYCHED.

The YYYs (that message came in November)

"All I Want For Christmas" is streaming on the band's MySpace. I'm glad we're on the same page about the Holidaze.

Unrelated, if you want to see Kevin Barnes (Of Montreal) make out with a chicken-man from last night's show at The Music Hall of Williamsburg then feast those pearly whites on the picture below.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tonight in LA

Tonight check out this free show with Silversun Pickups and Jimmy Tamborello (DNTEL, Postal Service, Figurine) will be DJ'ing along with some great acoustic performances by Eulogies, The One AM Radio, and Sara Lov. This should be a good time and if it's not, who cares! It's free! Also Daedalus is rumored to be playing but I can't tell you if this is true or not. Either way, you can check him out this weekend at Snow in LA featuring Haim, Entrance Band, Fool's Gold, Rumspringa, Bus Driver and the Mae Shi. Get your tickets here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

X-Men: the Big O

Is it just me or does this look kind of bad ass?

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Fall Out Toys

[Fall Out Boy making vegans look not so cool]

So as long as I'm getting away with divulging pop secrets - not the popcorn - I may as well post on Fall Out Boy, no MySpace link necessary. According to a MySpace blog the twenty something year old boys still in emo drab were in Washington Square today which is funny because so was I and there was no sign of Wentz adoring fangirls or fanboys...although being around NYU you can never know. Fall Out Boy's fancy new french-titled album, Folie A Deux, is available next week but can be heard via their MySpace page if anyone is into those jokes that last too long. If you're still having trouble finding a holiday gift for that special someone then check out these Fall Out Boy action figures.

In related news, the All-American Rejects will be playing at the Virgin Megastore on Tuesday to celebrate the release of their new album. Just a few weeks ago the drummer from the AAR patted me on the back at the Woodie Awards as he walked by me, just a tad creepy.

If you just don't care and want to see a good show tonight, check out Soft Circle at Glasslands, Grouper at the Knitting Factory or Shy Child and Pwrfl Power at Santo's Party House

Filter Goes FMLY

So I keep getting these emails from Filter Mag with this little flyer in it. What, FMLY is being shown to thousands of people by Filter? Tight. This show is coming up as well - and is additionally being presented by Indie 103.1 - don't miss it or Daedelus and Busdriver will get innovative on yo' ass. Hopefully this begins a nice career for FMLY of selling out because I'm already looking into doing a radio show on Power 106, stay tuned!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baby Baby

This one goes out to all of the ladies in FMLYland on a Sunday night. You're in our hearts, our minds and now this post. I'd also just like to throw a personal dedication out to Sophie Miltz, my knight in shining armor.

Sure the bay area has anticon., the Dodos and Mac Dre (RIP baby), but I bet you didn't know about the Cataracs. "Baby Baby (Lover's Anthem)" is definitely giving Usher's "Love In This Club," and Jesse McCartney's "Leavin'" a run for their money in terms of my favorite non-alt pop tune of the year. Check it out before I'm forced to resign from FMLY for forcing these songs down your throat...that would actually make for a good song though.


An Ode to Ms. Spears; Lily Allen covers "Womanizer"

As you may have noticed, FMLY holds a not-so-secret flame for Britney Spears. I personally cried during her MTV documentary, Britney Spears: For the Record. She just looked so sad and lonely. However, you could see there was still a fighting spirit in her that wanted to prove all the naysayers wrong. Looking gorgeous, with a fun and catchy #1 album, it's obvious Britney is back. She might not be a big mover and shaker in this world, when looking at the grand scheme of things, but there is something to be said about a pop star showing that she is flawed just like the rest of us. Go Britney!

Anyway, fellow Britney supporter, Lily Allen and her producer/friend Mark Ronson have released a cover of the phoenix of pop music's hit single, "Womanizer." With its cool, jazzy bar room feel, Allen's version will be sure to strike a chord with fledgling hipsters, like myself, who secretly rock out to Brit-Brit. Check it out and enjoy!

Lily Allen-"Womanizer"

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Railcars and Nephews at The Smell

What! FMLY was on the Prefix site!? Nice! Anyways, I'm just gonna plug a show that should really speak for itself. Railcars (Aria C Jalali) is playing a show in LA at The Smell with our beloved Nephews. I'm not familiar with Knight Rider or Felt Drawings but I'm assuming that they are just as rad. If you're in town and don't make your way here then I will personally prevent you from buying the new Animal Collective. Face that reality!

Nephews - Dakota Fanning

If you're down with this music, then I highly recommend Raccoo-oo-oon

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

FMLY Show in Prefix

Check out these pictures in Prefix Magazine from the FMLY show last weekend at Enjoy Human.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Nic Harcourt Leaves KCRW

Los Angeles, Calif., (December 10, 2008) - LA, Los Angeles Times Magazine today announced the selection of Nic Harcourt as Editor at Large, Music & Culture. Beginning February 8, 2009, in LA's January/February double Oscar issue, Harcourt will contribute a monthly column inspired by his love of music and the culture of Southern California.
Harcourt has been hailed as the most influential DJ in America and ultimate music tastemaker because of his uncanny ability to forecast trends and identify emerging talent. His innovative approach will now provide LA readers with unparalleled insight into the always evolving music and culture hemisphere through his monthly "Listen Up" columns, which will feature a hand-selected playlist, his picks for upcoming local concerts, shows and/or events and Q&As with emerging artists...

Nic Harcourt's Top Ten Albums of 2008

1. Adele - 19 (XL Recordings/Colombia)
2. Mates Of State - Re-Arrange Us (Barsuk)
3. Coldplay - Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (Capitol)
4. Ting Tings - We Started Nothing (Columbia)
5. The Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely (Warner Bros)
6. The Broken West - Now or Heaven (Merge)
7. Dandy Warhols - Earth to the Dandy Warhols (World's Fair)
8. Duffy - Rockferry (Mercury)
9. Tilly and The Wall - o (Team Love Records)
10.Emiliana Torrini - Me and Armini (Rough Trade)

We really need to re-think our values of terrorism because this is surely a domestic act of intentional violence. This is completely my opinion, but under absolutely NO circumstances should the new Dandy Warhols or Coldplay appear on ANYONE'S top 10 list let alone "the most influential DJ in America." Harcourt was once the most influential DJ in America and I respect the hell out of him, however, he has been out of touch for quite some time now and it is time to pass the torch. Music is redifining itself by the day at this point and expanding its realms. If you're a DJ and can't even identify the music on iPod or Crayola commercials then I would seriously suggest rethinking your career.

Harcourt's replacement has been announced as Jason Bentley...lets take a look at his top 10 list.

Jason Bentley's Top 10 List

1. M83 - Saturday's = Youth (Mute)
2. Santogold - Santogold (Downtown)
3. Jamie Lidell - Jim (Warp Records)
4. Adele - 19 (XL Recordings/Colombia)
5. Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend (XL Recordings)
6. Juana Molina - Un Dia (Domino)
7. Little Dragon - Little Dragon (Peacefrog)
8. The Black Ghosts - The Black Ghosts (IAMSOUND Records)
9. Portishead - Third (Mercury Records)
10. Jazzanova - Of All the Things (Verve)

We're getting somewhat more appropriate at this point with The Black Ghosts and Portishead, but the new M83 is an exponential disappointment when put in contrast to earlier releases. Jason Bentley has the experience to take over for Nic Harcourt, but I speak for both myself and Cameron when I say that it is time for a change. Where is the originality in these lists? Sure the tunes are catchy, but they're not innovative and they are in no way breaking ground - all Harcourt and Bentley are proving is that Steven Pinker was correct in saying that "music is auditory cheesecake." Well I refuse to just sit here and let Pinker have the last laugh, music is a form of art and an extension of language. It is not just a plateau where we can surface and let bullshit like Viva la Vida or We Started Nothing become the remembered jewels of our time. These are not artists and I'd hardly call them musicians, they're patternists and only serve to create musical "cheese" for the following decades. I sincerely hope that in my lifetime the musicians which I love so dearly are praised beyond their cult-like fans. When will Zach Hill be on the cover of Rolling Stone or Tobacco headline KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas? When will The Red Hot Chili Peppers break up so that we can once again appreciate their back catalog without thinking about the atrocity of their latest releases? Most importantly, when will Disney stop corrupting the ears of children with the Jonahs Bros, Hannah Montana or The Naked Bros Band? When I was growing up Zenon: Girl of the 21st century had an awesome musical accompaniment and The Simpsons introduced millions of youngsters to the magic of Danny Elfman. Unless John Williams begins to score children's television in the next decade, generations to come will be doomed.

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