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Friday, December 19, 2008

anticon. anniversary, cLOUDDEAD reunion

Last night was the celebration of a decade since the recording of the Deep Puddle Dynamics album that officially began anticon., and no one throws a better celebration than a group of close friends. From seven until midnight the respective collective-heads performed 25minute sets of music spanning their entire career; it was wild, it was nostalgic and when it ended some reaallyy thought that the night was over and left. As amazing as the beginning of the night was, nothing is comparable to what happened after a brief intermission. Now I'm a little shaky on my earlier anticon. days, but what we saw for an hour was the collaboration of every artist who performed that night. Deep Puddle Dynamics performed, minus slug, Greenthink may have done a little something, Alias dipped into his older catalog and Buck 65 just tore the night apart with another kickass set. This all was leading up to something very special which took a lot of audience encouragement, and that was the reunion of cLOUDDEAD. However, the reunion didn't last forever and the nourishment a screaming audience was provided with were Ten gems, "The Teen Keen Skip" followed by "Dead Dogs Two." As Odd Nosdam, Doseone and Why? Murder walked offstage there was applause, there was screaming and the woman standing next to me was in tears...this lasted for nearly 20minutes igniting the entire anticon. crew to come back onstage and freestyle to say goodbye. I have no doubt that Youtube videos will surface in the next week.

I also wanted to give some info on Yoni's solo set takin' it back to the old school Why? days. Armed with his Rhodes piano and a chorus of an audience Yoni played some sing-a-long songs off of Alopecia, then introduced us to what he has been working on for his next album and closed with...I honestly don't remember, but it was early, it was beautiful and you all should have been there.

Just for some personal feedback, I love cLOUDDEAD an immeasurable amount and have no words to express what seeing them was like. All I have to offer is that if you were there last night, something very special happened. Stories behind the mysterious group was revealed such as how songs adapted their titles and how certain lyrics came to be. I just want to throw out a huge thank you to anticon., the Knitting Factory and all who attended last night. You all were great, and if you attended and are reading this - I was the asshole yelling for cLOUDDEAD at the end of Odd Nosdam's set. You all laughed at me and said it wouldn't happen but what now muthafuckas!

cLOUDDEAD - The Teen Keen Skip
cLOUDDEAD - Dead Dogs Two

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