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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Casino Versus My Heart

I'm always so pumped when my computer teaches me about a new band, independent music technology is becoming something all too easy. This time around, taught me about Casino Versus Japan while I was listening to Boards of Canada. I figured that anything recommended through BoC must be sweet so I did some MySpace sleuthing and have fallen in IDM love. Blending straight beats with haunting and simple melodies the music of CvJ is layered emotionally and texturally. I'm working on a larger post right now so I'm going to have to cut this one short - but I highly recommend looking into more of his tunes. I bought Whole Numbers Play the Basics (Carpark) and ohhhh man.

Casino Versus Japan - Aquarium
Casino Versus Japan - Summer Clip

I'd also like to remind everyone to join our FMLY
username: theFMLY
password: iwantfmly
Isn't it odd that username and password both have eight letters? A little bit too similar to how long Channukah


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