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Friday, December 12, 2008

Dan Deacon at Brooklyn Masonic Temple, 12/11

[my roommate and i are in this picture - via matt kiser at spin - if you find both of us i'll give you some vinyl]

Last night was a milestone in Dan Deacon history, not only did he play with a "15 piece ensemble" - I counted 7 or 8 - but he also played on a stage. Although to be clear his stage presence was minimal; yes, his setup was on the stage but Deacon himself remained on the ground unless he needed to adjust a sound coming from up top. With help from his close friends of So Percussion, Ponytail, Videohippos, Adventure, Future Islands, Ecstatic Sunshine and more, the ensemble put together one hell of a performance but I would strongly argue that although a very awesome place to have this show, the Brooklyn Masonic Temple was an awful place to unveil Bromst. Why? Well there's no sound-system and just putting a couple of speakers in the room is not going to change that nor rid the auditorium of its echo. Deacon may have played for an hour, but I'm still not any closer to knowing what Bromst is. From what I did hear, it sounds like his earlier release of Ultimate Reality which I'm down with. This marks the eighth time that I've seen Dan Deacon and the very first time that he has not played "Silence Like The Wind Overtakes Me," I don't know if I'm comfortable with this Deacon staple not being included and with the word out that there is a recorded version I'm just left confused as to why this wasn't the big finale. However, I must say that the audience certainly comes prepared for the mash of fans and everyone works together to keep everyone safe, it's a beautiful thing, Dan Deacon is a beautiful man and musician and although I couldn't tell "The Crystal Cat" apart from "Stairway to Heaven" - which he kinda played - I can't wait to have the beautiful Bromst in my hands. Dan Deacon was magical as always, even without his story telling and classic Dan moves - hopefully I just caught the opening night jitters and issues that are always bound to happen. I think doubledee's lonely days of touring are over. See you next time you're in town acorn master.

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