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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

el Guincho and Lemonade TONIGHT

It's hard to believe that el Guincho day is already here. If you didn't win tickets, don't worry, after seeing the demand that the US has for el Guincho I'm sure Beggars will bring him back out west again very soon - maybe even for Coachella? As far as I know, tickets for tonight's show at le Poisson Rouge are not sold out, so head over here and check that out. Congrats to the lucky ten who won tickets and to the five that won CD's, more giveaways to come so check back with us regularly so that you don't miss out! Who is as pumped as I am to see Lemonade too!? Man, this really is going to be a jaw-droppingly awesome show.

Lemonade - Sunchips
Architecture in Helsinki - Like It Or Not (el Guincho remix)

Palmitos Park

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