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Monday, December 15, 2008

Fall Out Toys

[Fall Out Boy making vegans look not so cool]

So as long as I'm getting away with divulging pop secrets - not the popcorn - I may as well post on Fall Out Boy, no MySpace link necessary. According to a MySpace blog the twenty something year old boys still in emo drab were in Washington Square today which is funny because so was I and there was no sign of Wentz adoring fangirls or fanboys...although being around NYU you can never know. Fall Out Boy's fancy new french-titled album, Folie A Deux, is available next week but can be heard via their MySpace page if anyone is into those jokes that last too long. If you're still having trouble finding a holiday gift for that special someone then check out these Fall Out Boy action figures.

In related news, the All-American Rejects will be playing at the Virgin Megastore on Tuesday to celebrate the release of their new album. Just a few weeks ago the drummer from the AAR patted me on the back at the Woodie Awards as he walked by me, just a tad creepy.

If you just don't care and want to see a good show tonight, check out Soft Circle at Glasslands, Grouper at the Knitting Factory or Shy Child and Pwrfl Power at Santo's Party House

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