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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Los Angeles: New Years Eve

Don't know what to do for New Years in Los Angeles? Not like anything will top our '08 party with The Histories, Nephews, [Post-foetus] and Your Majesty, but here are several options.

In addition to these, there will also be a Travis and DJ AM show, the first since their plane crash. If you missed Mark Hoppus' blog post on his site,, he let fans know that he, Travis and Tom have hung out for the first time since Feb '05 and buried the hatchet. Leaving an air of possibility for a reunion, Mark mentioned that the idea has not been brought up so there is no way to tell. Unfortunately when blatantly asked by paparazzi in Calabasas, Travis said "no." When I spoke to Tom last October at the MTVu Woodie Awards he told me that Blink didn't know what they were doing, they were immature and he even went as far as to tell me never to listen to them again. When Mark appeared at the MTVu Woodie Awards he casually brought up Blink as if they were still around. Who long as they're hanging out I'm happy.

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