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Monday, December 1, 2008

Matt Pond PA Drops Out

Starting today, Matt Pond PA has joined the league of Radiohead's and Girl Talk's by releasing his new EP for free. For short this EP is called The Freeep but if you can remember it, it's also called The Dawn Before The Dark Leaves Or Water Off A Black Dog's Back Or Amazing Life Or Butterfly Mornings And Wildflower Afternoons Or May We Never Go Go Mental, May We Always Stay Stay Gentle Or The Fear Of Not Being Afraid Or The Warmth Within The Warren Or Dreaming Of Sleeping Or Saying It To Keep It From Happening Or This Is Not The Dark Leaves Or Living For Liv Ullman Or The Odds Of A Sunrise Or Whispering Pines Or You'll Be The Rhythm And I'll Be The Beat And I'll Be The Rhythm And You'll Be The Beat Or The Grass Harp Or Goodbye Barcelona Or Why Is My Copy Of The Moviegoer Floating In A Puddle Beside The Car leaving us with the question, what will people name albums now? This self recorded, freely distributed album is just another sign of the resurgence of a musical renaissance in a way we have never seen before. With 2008 on it's way out, a new world order on it's way in, I'd say 2009 may not be the summer of love but it'll definitely be the year we take back music for the love of music.

You can download Matt Pond PA's The Freeep here.


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