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Friday, December 12, 2008

NASA, RIP Betty Page, New Deal, AC, Panda

I don't know if anyone is as pumped as we are for this NASA record - well maybe Chris over at GvB, he has been goin' crazy on the posts. The album is slowly beginning to leak and surface and make its way home, the David Byrne / Chuck D track wasn't as sweet as we had hoped but the Kanye / Santogold / Lykke Li / Yeezy track recently out isn't all too shabby. And, Like Chris, we're super pumped for the Karen O / ODB / Fatlip track.

The New Deal mixtape is out and is worth the download considering it's free. It features Wale, Blaqstarr, Santogold and more peeps. get it here.

RIP Bettie Page, a FMLY candle is being lit for you at this very moment. You're a perfect example of total commitment and we can all learn something from you.

I'm going to address the Animal Collective leaks once and for all. If there is a track from Merriweather Post Pavilion that leaks, you will NOT find it on this blog. I repeat, FMLY is taking no part in supporting leaked tracks from MPP. We fully support the purchasing of this album and until it is released I'm refusing to even listen to the tracks out of context. Preorder the album here and hold tight because it's coming in just a few weeks.
Here's a couple of pictures of Noah Lennox / Panda Bear playing the Nike party with No Age in Miami a few weeks ago. This sounds like my perfect show.

Panda Bear Live Vids including NEW SONGS and remix of The Notwist's Boneless

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