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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The New Bailout

If you've been watching what's been happening with the car company bailouts you know that they've been talking about doing some major reconstruction which includes making cars people actually want to buy. GM says that they are working very hard at creating an electric car but what are we really getting here? As you may remember, in the 90's we had electric cars already (check out the EV1 and the RAV4 EV) so why will it take till 2010 to finish this car? Also why can it only go 40 miles before it uses gas when the original EV1 that GM made could go 75-100 miles on a charge? Think about that for a second. What do they mean it goes 40 miles before using any gas? Wouldn't that imply that after 40 miles you are running off of gas? Wouldn't this just be a variation on a hybrid?

Now check out Phoenix Motors. I saw this car at a alternative energy car show a couple years back. It looks just like a regular SUV and can go 100 miles on a single 10 minute charge.

Are our tax dollars really being spent the way we want them to be spent?

Now since I got that off my chest, check out this Ghosts & Vodka track.

It's All About Right Then - Ghosts & Vodka

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