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Monday, December 29, 2008

Nike Went Back To The Future

Nearing 2015, as made culturally significant by Back to the Future 2, will we begin to see similarities to the film in our own lives? Probably not, but at least Nike hooked us up with 350pairs of the Nike Hyperdunk McFly winning FMLY's clothing accessory of the year.

Over Summer, Santa Monica's Undftd (located next to the American Apparel on Main Street) became the place to be for the footwear elite. According to a Nike press release the shoe was designed specifically for athletes in the Beijing Olympics. Anyways, Kobe showed up in a Dolorean and signed some shoes, met some fans and hopefully kept his hands to himself.

peep the sneaks

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fmly .. all i want for xmas is a pair of mcflys ..

jah jah ninjasonik !
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