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Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Ode to Ms. Spears; Lily Allen covers "Womanizer"

As you may have noticed, FMLY holds a not-so-secret flame for Britney Spears. I personally cried during her MTV documentary, Britney Spears: For the Record. She just looked so sad and lonely. However, you could see there was still a fighting spirit in her that wanted to prove all the naysayers wrong. Looking gorgeous, with a fun and catchy #1 album, it's obvious Britney is back. She might not be a big mover and shaker in this world, when looking at the grand scheme of things, but there is something to be said about a pop star showing that she is flawed just like the rest of us. Go Britney!

Anyway, fellow Britney supporter, Lily Allen and her producer/friend Mark Ronson have released a cover of the phoenix of pop music's hit single, "Womanizer." With its cool, jazzy bar room feel, Allen's version will be sure to strike a chord with fledgling hipsters, like myself, who secretly rock out to Brit-Brit. Check it out and enjoy!

Lily Allen-"Womanizer"

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