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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

So I want to talk about a record that came out last year, and that's Greg Ashley's Painted Garden. Some may know Ashley as the creative force behind the Gris Gris and the Mirrors, so with that in mind there's no reason to pass over his solo work. "Partially written in a burnt out ghetto in Oakland, partially written in his remote cabin in Kosse, TX, Painted Garden was completely produced and written by Ashley (except for half of one song, which was co-written by an Oakland chanteuse) and 80% completely played by him as well. This record is an example of a true vision realized, and puts Ashley right up there with the great musical minds of the day" [via]. I keep his tunes on my 'chill vibes' playlist, so you know it's gotta be good. Check him out on MySpace here.

Greg Ashley - Sailing With Bobby

Over the past few months I've become quite fond of Finland's Joose Keskitalo, also a member of Paavoharju. I certainly couldn't tell you what he's singing about, but the sound quality feels very personal. Here's a Youtube vid of Joose playing on his bed.

Joose Keskitalo - Saimaan Rannalla

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