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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


It's time for FMLY to jump on the Wavves bandwagon. If you haven't heard about Wavves by now then look no further because this post will compile all the information that you need to know.

Wavves is Nathan Williams from San Diego. He likes The Beach Boys, Beat Happening, Crass and the Wipers. He also has a classic rap blog called Ghost Ramp. I began listening to Wavves at the end of Summer, and as Winter has settled into my apt I find myself keeping Wavves on heavy rotation again to keep myself warm. Nathan's fuzzy crust beach-pop makes for excellent atmosphere while you're skating, biking, running or even just hangin' out. FMLY was pumped about the Beach Demon/Weed Demon 7" release a short while back, and now we're even more pumped to hear about a tour coming up in '09! Hit up the WavveSpace to catch some dates and to find out where you can purchase tunes.

Wavves - Lover
Wavves - Vermin

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