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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Anamanaguchi's Dawn Metropolis

[Anamanaguchi entrance at Blip '08]

So today I got a message from Pete and Ary of Anamanaguchi regarding their album, Dawn Metropolis. You probably did too considering that it was a facebook blast, but for those who didn't here it is!

Listen to title track "Dawn Metropolis" via Youtube here, watch Anamanaguchi perform with USK at Blip '08 here.

I know you're all on the Anamanaguchi tip and probably somehow already have the unreleased and unuploaded album - but if you don't have Pete's cover of Mariah Carey's Christmas classic then at least I've turned you on to something.

Anamanaguchi - ALL I WANT 4 XMAS IS U [via]

And a lil' something special.

Anamanaguchi - Overarrow

If you're in NY January 31 make sure to catch Anamanaguchi with one of my favorite musicians, Rafter, at the Cake Shop (which I conveniently live across the street from so we can hang).

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