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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Animal Collective's House Influence, Not of Leaves

It's going to be an Animal Collective heavy week, so I apologize in advance to the haterz and a big thanks to XXXChange by way of Gorilla vs Bear for this hot tip. It's no longer news that Animal Collective's progressive and unique sound draws heavily from earlier obscure music scenes. From the mixtapes each member made for Bradford Cox's blog over summer to Person Pitch and most recently Panda Bear's use of the Brazda Bros for The Notwist's "Boneless" reimaginationmix it has become somewhat of a game to recognize analogy can be drawn that sudoku is to crossword as Animal Collective is to Girl Talk. It has been confirmed that Merriweather Post Pavilion standout track "My Girls" pays homage to Frankie Knuckles' Chicago house classic "Your Love." Listen to the combined tracks below, very awesome.

frankie knuckles x animal collective :: your love my girls


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