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Monday, January 19, 2009

Black Moth Super Rainbow: New or Unreleased?

I'll admit that I get pretty excited when I'm stumped, a good challenge is always exhilarating. Huge thanks goes out to Japanese Muscles for sending this video to Cameron and I.

What we see here is a video from a Youtube account created last week. The video itself has no name, only numbers, but related videos appear to be "Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club" and other music related vids in "Black" standing. The quality is definitely VHS, hence the account name 'vhsknife' and the sound is classic Tobacco, who as you know IS Black Moth Super Rainbow when it comes to composition and recording. The rest...well, you can watch the video yourself. It is not from the Fucked Up Friends film released just over a year ago, so I ask if this is an older unreleased track matched to video or is this what the future of Black Moth will sound like? Either way, I'm pleased. It is also possible that this is just uber-fan made, but I highly doubt it.

Happy Obama-eve everyone!

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New BMSR! Holy fuck!! I'm so excited!!!

52909? Is this a hint or something??

Thanks for the post.
tobacco posted this vid earlier today on both his myspace account as well as bmsr's. on each bulletin he used a different title and gave no information.

the plot thickens. another visual album or just something to remain unreleased?
the track is called "iron lemonade" and is from their upcoming album "eating us" scheduled for release on 05/26/09. don't know anything else about the video.
thanks for the tip paul. i see that this information isn't anywhere online, tobacco himself won't even talk about the album yet, so thanks for finding this post as well.
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