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Friday, January 30, 2009

COACHELLA Makes History, Not The Good Kind

This year's Coachella is one for the record THE MOST DISAPPOINTING MUSIC FESTIVAL THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN. For the past five years I have lived Coachella to Coachella; nothing excited me more than driving on the 10E at 6am to be there by noon, stopping at Hadley's near Casino Moranga for a Date Shake and buying that first Gatorade of the day for much needed nourishment. My heart would race while reading the lineup for the first time, I'd call all of my friends and let them know what we had to look forward to and we'd talk about our schedule conflicts and how hard it is to see all of the bands we want to. Props to Goldenvoice, because they fixed that issue by making the festival 85% filler - and why is Public Enemy smaller than Lupe Fiasco on Day 3!? It hasn't been a secret that the festival has been going downhill, but I really believed that we had another few years to squeeze out before it got to this point. Unless there's an announcement of Animal Collective or Grizzly Bear then Coachella '09 will forever go down as an epic fail.

Please, I've seen all of these bands for free on the South Street Seaport. I'll send some albums to the first person who can tell me how much Goldenvoice shelled out for McCartney and Morrissey...they've ruined our festival.


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