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Sunday, January 11, 2009


I downed my forty for the night, took a slow creeping freight elevator up to the top floor of this fuckin' building, paid my 10 bux, and went in to see Los Angeles' lowkey, highkey, hyphy artists, DTF. That's right, they took the name first. Last I heard, these guys make you wet with each rip and rhyme and rhyme and rip, because that is the way that DTF spits, dawg. No seriously, this AfterParty special cracked the grounds of La Brea. I entered with high expectations and left with satisfied expectations. DTF, if you haven't heard, consists of a basic street team. Members like Enzo Adabachi, Amika, and more make you feel nothing wrong with sexual interaction and back cracking. Serious, this is what happens at a DTF show. You be down to fuck tonight? "Everybody knows that I still be down to fuck."

Double Double - DTF

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