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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flavorwire Interviews Pitchfork Managing Editor

Flavorwire (cultural news and critique from Flavorpill) conducted a nice interview with Pitchfork Managing Editor Mark Richardson in regards to Animal Collective and Richardson's 9.6 review.

[12:26] TheBeard4904: yeah, i think radiohead is an interesting comparison

[12:27] TheBeard4904: in our review, we said that this record is animal collective’s bid to take things to a radiohead-like level

[12:27] TheBeard4904: this sort of class of acceptable weirdo groups that are allowed into the mainstream, people like bjork, radiohead, beck

[12:28] TheBeard4904: do you think that’s an overreach?

[12:28] Mark_Pitchfork-666: that is something I have wondered about with this one, whether it will cross over to people who don’t follow music as closely

[12:29] Mark_Pitchfork-666: my initial thought is that I’m a little bit skeptical of it happening, because there are still a lot of things about A.C. that are pretty strange

[12:29] Mark_Pitchfork-666: one thing with Radiohead, is that every album had least a few tunes that could fairly be described as “rock songs.” you could tell what all the instruments were, there are guitars, etc., but that’s not really true with this record

For the entire interview please visit Flavorwire.

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