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Friday, January 2, 2009

FMLY House Show On Monday!

In our typical 'getting-it-in-at-the-last-minute' FMLY fashion, I'd like to announce the line-up and info for our House Party in Echo Park on Monday.

It's Monday but you don't have shit to do so head out to Echo Park for a FREE house show! Don't worry, we'll have you out in time to catch Magic Johnson at the Smell.

On January 10, MillerCoors LLC will stop production on SPARKS because of its under-the-drinking-age appeal. Because of this, FMLY is showing our appreciation with an all out house show with some of our favorite bands. The event is BYOB, however, if we see anyone drinking Mickeys or Ballentine you may be asked to leave- if you're going to drink a 40 then do it right with a Colt 45 or an Old E, don't be a bitch.

Also, please respect the home, it belongs to a dear friend of ours. And if you have not already, MAKE SURE TO LOOK AT THE START AND END TIME OF THE DAY. This will be an 'early' show, but if you'd like to party into the night then let us know because there is a super secret event happening Monday night.

Performances by:
Spider Problem
Rock Dove/Pilgrim
Jack Littman

It all starts THIS MONDAY, January 5 from 4pm until 10pm. For more information please visit our fbook event here.

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