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Friday, January 2, 2009

Koalacaust on Northern Jihad

After playing with Mischief Brew and mini-touring with Paul Baribeau over summer it's only an appropriate fit for Koalacaust to jump into the ring with heavyweights Andrew Jackson Jihad for a two-day stint. If you're up north make sure to stop by the Bigfoot Ranch in San Francisco Jan 5 and the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz Jan 6 for a show of radical DIY ethics and awesome anti-folk tunes. If you're not up north, then I suggest throwing some clothes on quick because Koalacaust play The Smell in a matter of hours tonight with Blackblack, C-drip and Apple Orange. Info on all mentioned shows can be found on the Koalacaust MySpace as well as BRAND NEW RECORDINGS! That's right, Koalacaust has posted new recordings of "Heath Ledger", "Siren's Song," and Oregon Trail throwback "Caulk The Wagon And Float [It]." I'm so pumped for Koalacaust in '09!

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