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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Locally Grown

This line-up really couldn't speak to us more. I believe this will be Mario Luna's (Meals for Children, The Histories, Nephews, etc) first show as Kingsley and I'm not sure what Family of Ghosts is, but my best guess is something to do with The Histories. Make sure not to miss this and check out the artists below.

FMLY of Ghosts

Speaking of The Histories, Reid and Maxwell have thrown up a new song, "Like Lions," on the Reid and Maxwell MySpace. Both approach vocals differently in this tune; Reid's falsettos are stronger than ever and Maxwell's voice...well I can't even describe the transformation it's taking. As with the the rest of their work, check it out.

Don't forget that [Post-foetus] is playing the FMLY House Show tomorrow in Echo Park. More info to the right of this page.

Recently blogged about Philip Seymour Hoffman has dropped a live open practice. "For an entire week we jammed in my apartment using a Hello Kitty toaster, pots&pans, fender telecaster w/ the pod xt, acoustic guitar, midiman oxygen8 keyboard and an m-audio trigger finger...of course with recreational drugs and whatever could spontaneously be used as an instrument.
I pressed record on my mac and here are the raw sounds which we made. Over the past few days I have done minor editing which includes looping the guitar, adding a couple of affected vocal tracks and distorting the electric guitar into a continuous running sound."

Philip Seymour Hoffman - Feel My Bones, See My Cones (w/ Noel Pointer, Ben Danger)

Finally, I'll be landing in Los Angeles this week and I'm staying until the 20th, so if anyone wants to talk new Animal Collective or just chill then drop a comment or email.

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Welcome back to LA Noah! Come over to visit and have a nice hot meal.
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