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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merriweather Post Pavilion Is Out

We are six days into 2009 and the blogosphere's number one album of the year has already been established. Deerhunter's two month long residency in Pitchfork's Best New Music section has been passed and a widget has been created to count down for Merriweather Post Pavilion. In fourteen days Animal Collective will grace The Grand Ballroom at Manhattan Center with treasures from Merriweather Post Pavilion, but they've been doing that for the past two what's on my mind is what's next? What is to be a stunning visual album is well in the works, and personally this raises questions that I have. Is the visual album what Deakin has been taking time off to work on for the past year or so? Deakin, Avey Tare and wife Kría Brekkan (of múm fame) played a set last year at Glasslands in NY, could that be a project in the works? After-all, Brekkan did appear on Feels (credited as Doctress, guitars are tuned to her out of tune piano) and released Pullhair Rubeye with Avey, and considering her displacement from múm this isn't such a ridiculous idea.

Anyways, happy release day for MPP and I hope everyone has already picked up a vinyl. I attended the release party in Long Beach and actually won a vinyl copy of Water Curses, so in thanks I purchased the Notwist's Boneless 7" with the Panda Bear re'imagination'mix. Congratulations Animal Collective, it'll be great to sit back after these shows coming up and just let the praise hit like an unprecedented tidal wave. Pitchfork has declared a 9.6, I can only keep my toes and fingers crossed for the day AC's long-anticipated box set receives a 10.0.

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