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Saturday, January 24, 2009

More New Black Moth Super Rainbow

Whatever your plans for the day were, DO NOT make listening to the Black Moth Super Rainbow MySpace player one of them. There is NOT a new low-key release out on Mexican Summer. I repeat, BMSR has NOT uploaded brand new tunes "Do You Want To Be In A Cult" or "Feel the Drip" and they are NOT fantastic expressions of a psychedelic world which I one day hope to understand or maybe join myself. Your jaw is NOT about to drop when you FEEEEEELLLLL TTTTHHHHEEEE DDDDRRRRIIIIPPPP.

This is a 12" picture disc limited to 1,000 pressings and as you know, these pressings are gone as quick as they come...even without any formal announcements. Get yours from Insound and while you're at it, get me one too and I'll blog about yo' lo-fi bedroom band. Seriously, January 20 brought us Obama, new Animal Collective and new Black Moth...why isn't it a national holiday already? And just when I was getting excited about that mysterious track the other day, there's magic in the air.

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