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Friday, January 9, 2009


Dhani Harrison (George H.'s son) is in a band called Thenewno2, they play the Mercury Lounge February 17. The duo also appeared in Rock Band 2 in expert mode, I think they sound a bit like Radiohead. Video below.

Michael Jackson is living in LA once again, Bel Air to be specific. The idling King of Pop just signed off on a $100,000/month French ch√Ęteau-style manse built in 2002; the pad comes equipped with seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 12 fireplaces, a wine cellar, a theater and a library.

Pulp Fictioneer JT has spent some time out of the public eye to mourn for his late son. Tom Cruise made an appearance on the view and Barbara Walters made a point of asking about the death as well as their mutual interest (JT and TC) in scientology. A video of Tom Cruise grasping for composure can be found here.

FMLY FRNDS Lemonade earned an 8.3 from Pitchfork for their debut.

For my final news report of the day, can just read it straight from the typepad of Dlisted. Cover art below.
I was beginning to think that American Idol looser (that's how we spell it around these parts) Sanjaya was working as a morning-shift shampoo girl at some salon in Shoreline, Washington, but he isn't! Sanjaya is leaping back into America's hearts like a precious deer with flowing Yanni-like locks with his new EP "Dancing to the Music in My Head" due out in exactly two weeks!

I wish Sanjaya's music in his head would stay there....forever. Yes, keep the music in your head, Sanjaya. It's safe there. No one will hurt it if it just stays in your head and isn't released into the wild. You can even dance to it. By yourself. Alone. In your head. Alone. Keep it there.

I feel like if I was trippin' out on shrooms or computer duster, I would completely become one with this album cover. I would dance inside this Cost Plus fuckery amongst the stars and swirlies. But since I'm as sober as a 4-year-old, it looks like it was made by his fans. And by "fans" I mean his big-tittied sister and that crazy crying girl. Actually, scratch that crazy crying girl. Even she moved on to David Archuleta and his baby teeth.

If you did some fucked up shit last night and need to torture yourself, head on over to Amazon to preview some of his songs. Or better yet, just watch Sanjaya's performance below. Watching this Bollylimp shit is like the equivalent of cutting yourself, but it won't leave nasty scars. i-Cutting!

Thenewno2 - John Doe

Oh, and if you're listening to Jaydiohead PLEASE STOP.

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