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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Octopus Project Got Some Pipes!

The Octopus Project singing? I haven't heard such a thing since the closing of Hello, Avalance! Well, Cameron and I sat down with our favorite Austinians,, citizens of Austin during CMJ week and were told that they have nothing against singing, their music just hasn't allowed them to comfortably add lyrics to their music. Last week apparently, became time for a major transformation for the band exploring an uncharted territory. Not only are they singing, but there's no theremin or electronic elements. This appears to be an 'indie rock' song that better than most of the indie rock songs I heard in all of '08. This organic sing-a-long pop tune - which is actually a cover of the Bee Gees - is more of a holdover and will be on their soon-to-be released EP with UK 7″ tunes “Wet Gold” and “Moon Boil” as well as some other H, A tracks that didn't make the cut. With Josh, Miranda and Toto taking turns with vocals it makes me wonder if they'll be incorporting this sound into their next full length. Stay tuned for FMLY SXSW surprise announcements, maybe regarding some Octopi?

The Octopus Project - ioio


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